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Its a part 1 of my story. I hope u all enjoy it. 2nd part i'll upload soon.
Part 1: First Love and Heartbreak

A girl, named Anne, was in love with a boy. The boy was none other than her best friend Sam. Anne and Sam were childhood friends. Both of them were always with each other. They were both neighbors as well as classmates. They also used to study together and used to play together. Anne does not know when she falls in love with Sam. But Anne never told Sam about her feelings. Because she was afraid that she might lose her friendship.
But suddenly on Anne's 15th birthday, Sam called Anne at 12 o'clock at night and said to Anne "I'm waiting for you on the terrace, come soon." Annie panicked and walked out of her room and reached the terrace and asks Sam, "What happened, why you have called me on the roof so late at night, everything is fine?"
Sam tells Anne that "First you close your eyes, and then I'll tell you." At first Anne refuses, then Anne closes her eyes when Sam insists. After 5 minutes, Sam asks Anne to open her eyes. Anne is shocked as she opens her eyes; Sam has placed her favorite cake in front of her, on which a very lovely candle was seen. Anne asks Sam "What is all this? You remembered my birthday? But you forget every time?"
Sam, Anne asks to be silent. And says "Anne, I wanted to tell you something for a long time, but was afraid that by knowing this thing, you don't end our friendship." Anne tells Sam "What is it that you couldn't wait until tomorrow to tell?" Sam says to Anne "No, I can't wait any longer." Anne tells Sam "Tell me, what you have got to say?" Sam comes close to Anne, and gets closer. Sam puts eyes in Anne's eyes and says, "Anne, I like you, will you be mine forever?"
Anne is surprised at first but then tells Sam, "Sam stop joking, this is some time to joke. And I don't like this kind of joke." After saying this, Anne starts leaving, but Sam grabs Anne's hand and tells Anne "I'm not joking. Don't you like me?" Anne looks at Sam and says, "You're not really kidding?" Sam tells Anne, "I just want an answer is yes and no. Do you like me or not?"
Anne falls silent upon hearing this. Sam tells Anne that "Anne, answer me?" Anne tells Sam, "Will you ever leave?" Sam promises Anne that he will never leave her. Upon hearing this, Anne hugs Sam and says, "I like you very much, I like you very much."
And this is where Anne and Sam's relationship begins. This was their last year of school. The whole school called them both as the best couple. Everything was going well between them. Anne and Sam decide that they will take admission in the same college. After school is over, both of them pass with good numbers. Sam's parents get his admission in a good college. Anne also wanted to take admission in the same college, but her elder brother got her admission in a good girl's college. Anne fights a lot with her elder brother on this matter.
On the same day in the evening, Anne and Sam meet on the terrace. Anne informs Sam about her girls' college admission and starts crying. Crying, Anne tells Sam, "I don't want to be separated from you." Sam explains to Anne that the two of us are not separating, just the colleges have separated. We will always be together. And saying this, Sam hugs Anne and kisses her on the forehead.
Even after college started, everything was going well between the two. After Sam finishes his classes, he comes to Anne's college to pick up her and the two go home together. After college, they would study together, so that they could spend more and more time together. Whenever Anne got free time in college, she would call Sam and the two would talk for a long time. Many times Sam used to leave his classes and come to meet Anne. But slowly Sam started making new friends in college, so he started spending time with them. And Anne had also become many new good friends. But Anne did not forget to call Sam.
Everything was going well between the two for 6 months of college. Gradually the distance between the two kept increasing. Sam did not pick up Anne's calls and on Anne's questioning, he said that it was his class. Anne used to believe everything about Sam. Sam then ignores Anne. When Anne asked, Sam always said that he was busy.
A few days later, Anne's classes were canceled, so she thought she would go to meet Sam. But Anne did not know about his classes. Then Anne calls Sam, but Sam disconnects Anne's phone. Anne called Sam 3-4 times in a row, but Sam did not pick up Anne's phone even once. Anne felt very bad about this and Anne became sad. She went home when she reached home, her mother asked her, "Today you came home so soon. And today you have come home alone; Sam did not come with you." But Anne does not answer and she silently goes to her room.
In the evening of the same day, Sam arrives at Anne's house. Anne was sleeping Anne's sleep opened as soon as heard Sam's voice. Anne peeks out of her room; Sam was talking to her mother. And Anne loudly closes the door to her room. Hearing the sound of the door, Anne's mother comes and knocks the door of her room. And says, "Come out Anne, Sam has come to see you." Anne shouts angrily and says, "Let him go. Let me not meet him."
Sam tells Anne's mother, "Auntie, let me talk to Anne. She is angry with me." Anne's mother agrees to Sam and leaves. As the aunt leaves, Sam knocks the door to Anne's room and says, "Forgive me, I didn't pick up your phone. I was busy at that time." Anne opens the door to her room and tells Sam, "Where are you so busy that you can't even pick up my phone for a moment. You've changed Sam. You don't love me anymore." Sam tells Anne, "There is nothing like this, I still love you as much as I used to." But Anne does not agree. After Sam persuades Anne for a long time, Anne's anger subsides and Anne forgives Sam.
Between the two, everything went well again. 2 weeks later, Anne's classmate came to Anne and asked Anne, "Will you go out with us?" Anne asked, "Where are you going to hang out?" Anne's friend told her that her boyfriend's college is having a youth festival. Incidentally, Anne's friend's boyfriend and Sam study in the same college. Anne turns yes to leave. Anne wants to surprise Sam by going.
Anne reaches Sam's college. Then calls Sam and asks Sam, "Where are you, Sam?" Sam tells Anne, "I'm in the cafeteria with my friends right now. I'll talk to you later." Anne tells her friends, "Let's go to cafeteria." Anne's friends agree and they all go towards the cafeteria.
Anne reaches cafeteria with her friends. As soon as Cafeteria arrives, Anne feels very sad to see what she sees. Sam was sitting holding another girl's hand. Then that girl kisses Sam's cheek. Seeing this, Anne runs away and Anne's friends shout out Anne's name to stop Anne. But Anne does not stop. Sam gets shocked when he hears Anne's name. He gets up and comes to Anne's friends, and asks, "You just took Anne's name?" Sam then confirms to them to see Anne's picture and says, "You were taking this Anne's name?"
Seeing Sam with someone else, Anne's heart hurt. Anne comes home and locks herself in her room and cries a lot. Sam calls Anne constantly. But Anne doesn't pick up the phone. Annie gets upset with Sam's phone and turns off her phone.
Sam comes to Anne's house. Anne is alone at home. His mother has gone out. Sam goes on to play the doorbell. Anne comes and opens the door. Seeing Sam standing in front, she angrily tells Sam, "Now what have you come here to do? Go away from here." Sam apologizes to Anne and says, "Give me a chance, Anne. I love you very much."
Anne tells Sam, "Who are you lying to, Sam, to me or to yourself? You used to love me but now you don't. Please go away from here and don't show me your face again."
Anne lets Sam out of her house. And closes the door loudly. After closing the door, Anne starts to cry and says to herself, "I have lost my love as well as my best friend. I will never love anyone again."
Part 1: The End

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