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A little horror goes a long way
The spotted cow was eating grass among the flowers of the field and soon became full. While the cow had stopped eating, she realized that something was watching her. The spotted cow sniffed the air and started to back into the barn, huge white eyes scared and stiff. She smelled something strange, something weird and wrong.

A figure swept through the long grass and then dissipated from sight ... something pounced onto the cow from above and started to rip apart the cow. The cow bucked and mooed and yelp from being cut apart, skin and organs go flying as the figure tore the cow apart and the blood so red, seeps into the ground as the cow gives the last yelp of pain. Jerking her body until she was dead just a twitching mass of bone, some meat and nerves.

As the commotion was going on the owner, a middle-aged man tanned from working in the sun for so long and hard callused hands from working in the fields for so many years. He woke up sweating, breathing hard from the nightmare. The old man got up and walk down the hallway to the kitchen. He got a glass from the cupboard and started to fill it with water from the sink. He heard something outside, he thought nothing about it because he thought he had brought the cow into the barn.

All of a sudden he heard his cow yelping and screaming, he grabbed his gun off of the rack above the door and ran outside to the barn. By the time he got there, he was out of breath for the barn was a bit far away on a field on a hill. He saw the bits of the cow's remains on the ground and there was only the skeleton left with bits of skin and some meat left on it, there was blood everywhere on the ground and the barn. The old man had never seen anything as horrific as this. He turned around and threw up.

As he finished heaving what was in his body onto the ground, the old man took in his surroundings thinking I have been here at least thousand times, what could be out here?
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2201133