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by Slam
Rated: E · Essay · Ghost · #2201148
A brief account of how the Ghost Control industry has transformed over time.
The State of Ghost Control

Ghost infestation is a very modern problem. It was never an issue before mankind harnessed the power of ectoplasm. Ghost infestations became more and more common as the Royal Ectoplasm Pipeline expanded across the country. The government formed the Ghost Control Guild to deal with this epidemic.

Initially, the Ghost Control Guild saw success. They did what everybody else couldn't, kill ghosts. Professional ghost hunters would visit infested towns and simply kill ghosts with their swords. However, not all ghost hunters are created equal and ghost hunting isn't exactly the safest job out there. Every now and then a ghost hunter would get careless and die on the job, forcing the town to call, and pay, another hunter. Tired of paying more than one hunter, people decided to take matters into their own hands. It was quickly discovered that Ghost Hunters used silver blades to kill ghosts. Some silver blades looted off the corpses of dead hunters began circulating soon after. Instead of calling the Ghost Control Guild, people would simply use their communal silver blade or borrow one from the next town over.

This did not make the Ghost Control Guild happy. They quickly became irrelevant and unnecessary. Employment rates dropped and profits began to fall. With a couple whispers and a couple gold coins in the royal court, the Ghost Control Guild managed to make looting dead hunters and selling silver swords illegal. Silver blades that were in the free market were seized by the government and any overlooked blades retreated to the black market.

Still, it wasn't the Ghost Control brand that made the blades ghost effective, it was the silver. Competitors began to pop up left and right, selling "huge silver letter openers" and "tiny, portable silver guillotines". Once again, a number of ghost effective weapons began to circulate in the free market.

Of course, the Ghost Control Guild was having none of it. With a little bit more blackmail and a couple more bribes, the Ghost Control Guild seized control of every single silver mine in the country. Nobody could acquire a single nugget of silver without the Guild's permission. Of course, this meant that they also had to produce silver things that weren't blades.

In addition to weapons, the Ghost Control Guild began to design and manufacture mirrors, silverware, and jewellery. These new avenues proved to be very profitable for the Guild. In fact, they were far more profitable than ghost control. The Guild shifted their focus from hunting ghosts to selling little rings and forks. Soon enough, they abandoned ghost hunting entirely. Rural towns were left to fend for themselves with black market blades while the Guild and the Royal Court ignored the issue.

Just like that, the Ghost Control guild went from being ghost killing heroes to trinket peddling hoarders.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2201148