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by JM Jr.
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Fiction or Not
First I created space and the beginning of time. Then a world that would sustain life.

From the conception of man I had high hopes and expectations. A caring, loving and peaceful being. A species that would flourish and nurture one and other. That was my vision. Since the birth of man I've watched over and guided you. Most have listened, learned and walked down the righteous path of life.

In the beginning books were written about me, glorifying me and my teachings. With each book written, a new religion born. Many religions may call me by different names, still there is only one of me.

As centuries pass, these books were rewritten distorting my words. Those who rewrote spoke not of my words, but of their own. They used my lips to speak their twisted words for their own glory and rewards. This has disappointed and even hurt me. How could you stray so far from a life of peace, love and tranquility. For you to rewrite and think that violence and killing the innocent in My Name, would bring you glory in my kingdom makes you a selfish, lost and broken spirit. This way of thinking will never be rewarded in my kingdom. I have never spoke of, nor do I condone the killing of anything living.

Now put down your prayer books, lay down your weapons, strip thyself of thou linens and take a good look at yourself. You were created from my image, therefor I am part of you. If I live in your hearts, then Live as I have lived, forgive as I have forgiven. This is how you mend that broken spirit and your lost soul finds its way to heaven. Do this and your reward, is Eternal life in my kingdom.

This is all you need to know. Go now my children share what I have said, walk together and live together in peace and in harmony.

Your God
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