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Rated: E · Novel · Romance/Love · #2201207
A love story that portrays even accidents do good and understanding matters

Scene 1:

A story doesn't need to be started at the start or the end, it can be started in middle.
HI, my name is abhiram and this is my story.
Tomorrow will be first day of my college and I am feeling like new life is going to begin in the new place. I have already got a letter with all the details of the place I am going to live. It is a college hostel for the college students to live.my room is on the 3rd floor room 20. The room has two beds and one is already occupied as I am able to see a blanket on it and some luggage in the room. I heard some sounds from the bathroom, guess he is having a bath. I unpacked my luggage and got rested on the bed and then my roommate came from the bathroom I went near him and gestured my hand for a shake hand and introduced myself as abhiram he told me his name was Abhinav. The classes used to begin from the next day and we planned to visit the place around. I needed to buy some casual clothes so I thought to do some shopping.
In the night once I reached room and started to unpack the new clothes I brought; a gold chain fell from it. It's an old chain from its design but is shining and has a locket. it is in the shape of a heart and letter 'S' was engraved on it and up on opening it on one face of it there was a message saying to my angel with love and on the other face there was a photo of a woman. I felt owner of this chain would have some emotional attachment with it. As the chain was looking new though it was old. As it was already late at night, I thought to return it in the shopping mall security the next day.
First day in college and my classroom is on 5th floor room E. My roommate is also on the same group and a fresher like me. so, our classroom was the same. As I entered the classroom, I felt happy and excited to have myself placed in one of the finest colleges of India. The class commenced and the classes were done by 4:00 in the evening and thought to move early as I had to return the locket in the shopping mall. I had brought it with me as shopping mall is near college and I thought to return on my way back to the room. But my roommate insisted to go to college canteen to have some snacks before we leave.
In the canteen, we ordered some sandwiches and I brought them to the table we were sitting and noticed my roommate was missing up on observing I noticed he was talking to some girl on the other table. I ignored him as I don't feel free to talk to strangers and especially when it is a girl.
I started to eat my sandwich and suddenly I heard conversations of some girls sitting to my next table. There were three girls two sitting on one side which was in alignment with my bench and one on the other side.
One of the girls was convincing the other girl saying "swathi, don't be upset. You might have left it somewhere; you will find it.".
In reply to her she said "No it is very precious to me, I searched for it all the room and I am unable to find".
I suddenly felt, can the locket I found may belong to her. But I didn't want to take any chances as I was feared that they might think of me as a flirt and my fear to talk with girls stopped me. Her friends were trying to console her. but all their attempts were futile as she was much upset. I suddenly felt can the letter "S" engraved on the locket stands for swathi. This thought made me much confident that it might belong to her and I got ready to take a risk of taking a flirt badge if I was wrong, I stood up and walked towards her bench and I showed the locket and asked her. "excuse me swathi, is this locket you are searching for." She quickly stood up in shock and grabbed the locket from my hand and constantly looked at it for a moment and she said "Yes, yes this is my locket thank you so much. It is a last gift from my mom.". I understood her mom was no more and this locket meant a lot to her as it remembered her mother to her.
We sat on a separate table and she started introducing herself she said "My name is swathi and we are in the same class. I had noticed you in the class". I thought to reply "I didn't see you", but I didn't say because though it is true it would be rude. I said "my name is abhiram". She then said, she went shopping last evening pointing to the same shop where I got my clothes last evening.
So, we realized that accidentally somehow her locket fell into my clothes. Her two friends who were with her came nearby and said to her "we need to leave" she then introduced them to me their names were "sweetie and Mounika".
She said "we will meet tomorrow" and she left with her friends.
I noticed Abhinav was still busy in talking. This time it looked more like a flirting to me.
I thought not to disturb and left the place.
While leaving I gestured him that I am leaving and he waved his hand gesturing goodbye.

Scene 2:

It's been a week in the college and today is a Sunday. So, I and Abhinav were relaxing in the room and Abhinav was saying "I am in love, I am in love". I didn't get how to respond to that, I asked "who is she?". He said the girl I talked on day 1 in canteen.
I replied "yes, I remember. but you haven't met her again, right"
He replied "we are meeting every day and we are in constant touch with each other all the time over the phone."
I realized that I didn't even know the phone number of swathi. Neither she gave nor I have asked and I thought I will ask her number tomorrow.
I and Abhinav then moved to breakfast and Abhinav was busy over his phone. Abhinav is busy chatting with his girlfriend. So, I had no one to talk and so I was focusing on newspaper and Abhinav asked me shall we go for a movie today. Though I don't have much interest of the movie, I said "ok"
After the breakfast, we returned to the room and he said " I am planning a movie today with my girlfriend, we will plan some other time".
I replied "that's great".
He replied "yes, I am also excited."
Cancellation of plan didn't affect me much as I don't have much interest in movies.
I googled for some interesting places around me and I found a big park nearby and I thought I can spend some quiet time there. I got ready and went to the park.
The park is greenish with large number of trees and plants. I found myself a quiet place to sit, so that no one can disturb me. I leaned on the grass and closed my eyes and started relaxing, enjoying the freshness smell of the tress.
Suddenly, I heard a voice calling "Abhi". I felt like someone was calling me and then I thought there is no person who is close here to call me with a nickname. so, I was relaxing closing my eyes ignoring it.
The voice got louder and louder as someone was approaching towards me and the voice also felt familiar and I opened my eyes to see who is it and it was swathi standing in front of me.
I replied in excitement "swathi...!"
She said "yes, how come you are here? "
I said I wanted some quiet place so I came here. She said even I came for the same.
She sat beside me and I said to her "my name is abhiram, you were calling me "Abhi".
She said I know but I felt to call you as Abhi. Don't you like it?
I said "I Love it".
We were continuing our conversations and she was saying the importance of the Gold chain for her and she was wearing that chain and she opened the locked and showing the picture of the woman she said this is my mom, the most beautiful women in my life and my best friend. she said there used to be a picture of her in that locket and she changed the photo to her mom.
I asked her "how does she feel in the new place"
She said it is good, it been a week in this new place and I feel like it is the beginning of something big in my life. Her statement made me feel like "wow, she is a girl of higher aspirations"
The dawn was about to set and we started to move back to rooms and I escorted her till her hostel and I moved to my hostel.

Scene 3:

Today we have a maths exam in class and the first session completely went for it. It was a tough exam. After the exam completed, we went for a lunch break.

As usual Abhinav was busy with his girlfriend "Sara" and I was alone having my lunch. Swathi was sitting with her friends and she noticed me sitting alone and she took her food and sat in front of me.
I said thanks for the company and she replied we can sit together always
I felt happy by her words and I asked her how did the exam go for her and she said "good".
We finished our lunch and we came back to our classroom and results were announced it was able to score 78 percent in the test and swathi to my shock she scored 98 percent and she was the top in the class.
Session completed for the day and I asked swathi to have some snacks before leaving and we went to canteen for a snack Break.
I congratulated her saying "you scored damn good swathi". She said thanks and I asked her where did she study, she said she had studied in St Mary's college, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. I replied in excitement that I have also studied in Bhubaneshwar I studied in "Ravenshaw University" and she said oh that's great.
I asked her if she has studied in St Mary, she must be a brilliant student and she could have got better places to study easily even outside India. She said "yes, but my mom studied here and I wanted to do my education here".
I felt a mixed feeling of shock and happiness after hearing her words. I thought she is smart and a kind of person who values emotions over a profit loss equation.
She said even "Ravenshaw" is also pretty good college and is considered one of the strongest competitors for my college.
I said "Yes, that's true" and she said even some of Ravenshaw students like Hitesh, Sandhya, Piyush got opportunities from outside India.
I was shocked how she know exact names of the persons who got opportunities from outside India and I asked her in excitement how do you know the names?
She said it was all over the news during admissions for the next academic year.
I said Yes that time they were all over the news I remember.
We left for the day her stop was to the left if the college entrance and mine was the right.so we split our ways and suddenly I realised I didn't ask her mobile number. I quickly turned back to see if she is visible but I was unable to see her and I sawn Abhinav.
He said "hey man, going to room" I said
He said "I see, you and swathi and spending quite a time together. What's going on". I replied nothing much we are just good friends and he said ok, do you have her number. I replied "NO"

Abhinav said "I will tell you one thing, Abhiram. A girl gives her phone number only when she trusts. Looks like she doesn't trust you"
I argued with him "No, it is nothing like that" but I was much disturbed with his words and that was clearly visible on my face.
He said "ok, let's start walking now "
We walked and reached the room. He got busy with the phone and I was still Disturbed of the argument we had recently.
I was constantly thinking "doesn't she trust me?" And suddenly I got a message from an unknown number saying "hey Abhiram it's me swathi this is my personal number save it.". I felt excited and happy seeing that message.

Scene 4:

Days changed to months and I and swathi were getting close day by day and we were spending much of our time talking to each other either in canteen bench or through the phone
She used to share almost every little topic with me and even I was sharing everything with her.
Today as usual after end of today's session in college I told to Abhinav, I have some work you go today, I will meet in the room. "I had to stay as swathi asked me to meet me in the canteen after today's session" but I didn't want to tell Abhinav about this.
But Abhinav understood and said in a smile "I know what is the work"
I smiled in return and he said even I was about to say the same because Sara and I have planned for a movie.
We split our ways and I rushed to canteen in curiosity of why swathi asked me to come to canteen and once I reached canteen, I did not see swathi anywhere. I ordered a tea and was waiting for swathi in the canteen my tea started with one cup has become 5 cups and it's been 30 minutes in the canteen and I could not see swathi coming from anywhere even her phone was not connecting and suddenly I observed swathi coming in rush.
She reached me quickly and catching her breath she said "sorry, sorry for the delay ".
I said "no problem, swathi. calm down "
She sat on the bench and I ordered a cool drink for her.
She was trying to say the reason for the delay but I insisted her to drink and relax first.
I said "No hurry we have all the time we need". She started drinking and got relaxed and once she had finished the drink, I asked her to tell me now.
She took a gift from her hand bag and gave it to me. I asked her what is it.
She said why don't you open and find out I opened it with force as I was very curious of what is the gift it was a bracelet and there was a message written on it
"698 Thanks for being a person who is more than a friend in my life with love swathi, Abhiram"

I said thanks a lot swathi and what does this 698 means she took the bracelet and said oh sorry I believe he did not erase the bracelet number properly I will make him remove and give u tomorrow.
I took the bracelet from her and said let it be I love the way it is.
I looked at her in happiness for the gift and she smiled in return with affection and we conversed a little and we thought to leave. I escorted her till he hostels ignoring the continuous "NO, need for escort" she was saying as I was feeling to spend some more time with her. I said a final good bye for the day and left to boys' hostel.
I reached my room and I observed Abhinav was not yet in the room, I got ready for the dinner and when I was about to leave for dinner, Abhinav entered the room in anger and shouted "Abhiram , I will tell you one thing never trust girls, they just love to play with emotions"

Scene 5:

I had come back from dinner and the Abhinav is still on his bed with his same mood disturbed. I asked him again "what happened buddy" I asked him again.
this time he replied "they don't understand our emotions, Abhiram. I have asked her to give me commitment that she will marry me"
and what did she say?
" she said NO, indirectly"
I asked "indirectly means?"
She said "it is just a small-time relation".
Even I was shocked by his question I can assume how she might have felt upon asking "will you marry me" but the response from her is also shocking as words like "small time relation" is also quite disturbing word.
I was trying to make him calm but he was very angry and continuously accused Sara.
Meanwhile I got a message from swathi asking "shall we go out now as I was late today food is completed in hostel and I am feeling hungry"
Abhinav was not in the mood to understand and I felt it's better not to disturb him.
I replied to swathi "I will be outside her hostel in a while"
I left the place and reached Swathi's hostel and we started to walk to find any canteen at night
It was 11 in the night and we were unable to find any hotels open. swathi said "let it be Abhinav, I will manage somehow". We were about to turn back and suddenly I remembered Abhinav once told there is a hotel near shopping mall which will be opened at late hours in night. We walked towards mall and we observed that the hotel was opened and swathi ordered "poori" and she was enjoying it. I can see her happiness during eating. suddenly there was a big sound.
I quickly turned my face and I observed a bike had hit the road divider and the person has fallen on the side of the road, looked like the person got thrown out of the bike due to the force it hit. I quickly stood up in the thought to run towards the person.
Swathi stopped me saying "why unnecessary things for us. We will call the ambulance and they will take care."
I shouted on her saying " I didn't expect these kind of words from you swathi" and I rushed towards the person and swathi also came behind me and when I reached I observed it was a girl and when I opened her helmet I was totally shocked it was "Sara" and I quickly checked her pulse and it was alright. The helmet had saved her life. But she was badly wounded and there was bleeding too .I quickly called the ambulance and I told swathi to stay near her and I rushed to shopping mall to find some first aid things like cotton and rushed to her and by the time we winded the cotton over the wounds the ambulance arrived and we rushed to the hospital in ambulance.

Scene 6:

Day changed and it's 7 in the morning, I and swathi had stayed in the hospital, we got to know from doctors that she was full on alcohol. We were waiting on her bed side for get to gain consciousness and in the afternoon session she got consciousness.
Swathi assisted her to drink some glucose and I requested her to eat the food and She started eating food with help of swathi and I asked her what was so necessity to drink and drive.
She said because of "mean boys like you"
I was shocked by her answer and swathi said in anger to her "you should be thankful to him because of him you are alive here or else you would have been dead on the road. If he was mean, he wouldn't have saved your life".
Sara then said I am sorry and thanks for saving my life. I asked her "why did you say such harsh words to me?"
She said "it's because of your friend Abhinav. He asked me to marry him and I said I need time to decide, I can't take a life's decision based on a few months relationship and he shouted on me saying I know girls like you, what you need is just some person who fulfills money needs". How can he say such words to a girl with whom he is in a relationship?
I had no answer for the question she asked.
She said he left me alone there at the theatre and I had to drink to suffice my pain.
She said " you people please go and take rest I will call my friends and they will be here". I said "ok". Swathi was also tired.
I escorted her to her hostel and by the time I reached my room, it was Dawn and Abhinav was in the room.
Abhinav asked me "where have you been? "
I explained her whole thing in the thought of that he would rush to hospital to see her and to my shock he said " are you my friend? Why did you save a girl like her who doesn't know the value of emotions."
I shouted at him saying "how can you talk like that.". Conversations grew and there was a fight between us. And I had left the room and went to a friend's room beside to my room. I observed I didn't bring my phone but didn't want to see his face so I didn't go back. I was in friend's room throughout the next day, that is Sunday.
Next day, as usual I went to college and in the break, I went to swathi to ask how Sara was feeling. And to my surprise swathi just moved away from me. I tried to talk to her again and again and she just kept moving away from me.
I got angry and shouted "I came to ask how Sara was feeling and why are you behaving like this?".
She shouted "why don't you ask your lover Sara itself." And she left the place.

Scene 7:

It's evening and I am in my room. Luckily Abhinav was not in the room and I was continuously texting to swathi of what happened but no reply from her. I even tried to call her but she didn't pick my phone.
This made me more upset and Abhinav entered into the room. I didn't say anything as I was already disturbed with my own set of issues and didn't want another headache

Next day began and I was not in the mood to college as I don't want to again see swathi rejecting me. I decided to go to hospital to visit Sara and know her status right now.
I went to the hospital and met Sara. seeing me Sara asked "hey didn't go to college?" I said no today I was not in the mood to go to college. So, came here to see how you were feeling now.
Sara replied "that's so kind of you. Thanks for coming. I asked her "no one is here with you?". She replied "they went to college."
I had sat on the side of her bed facing her so that we can talk. But I was Disturbed by the behavior of swathi and Sara has noticed I was disturbed by something and she asked, you look disturbed abhiram tell me.
I said nothing.
She said tell me please and I told her how swathi was behaving with me so suddenly.
This is disturbing me very much.
I had my hand resting on her bed and she put her hand on my hand to console me. Suddenly I heard someone screaming abhiram...!
I and Sara were shocked by the voice and it was swathi at the door.
"I should have believed it. I never thought you as a flirt but I was wrong. You are a cheater. if you can write about a girl's behavior like this, then I can expect anything from you, you are a person of questionable character and Sara I didn't expect this from you." Shouting and crying she threw an envelope on my face and left the place.
Sara exclaimed "What just happened?"
I replied "even I am trying to understand the same."
Sara replied "one thing is for sure; she is in love with you and she loves you a lot."
I replied "She just blamed me and you are saying she is loving me."
Sara replied "yes, her anger is portraying her love for you and she believes you betrayed her."
I replied "What did I do, I didn't do anything"
Sara replied " she also believes that we are in a relationship"
I said "We...., when did that happen"
Sara replied "It didn't, but she believes. What is in that Envelope?"

Scene 8:

I have opened the envelope and I can see a letter in it. I opened it and started reading
"swathi, I never thought you were of such cheap mentality. From the letter you wrote to me, I can easily understand that one of the biggest mistakes of my life is having you as my friend. I never thought you were so childish and I feel hatred of myself for talking to a girl like you.
Anyway, now I clearly understand that whom I love and whom I hate. Sara is my true love; she has been always open and always said what was in her heart right away and I feel I can happily spend my life with her.
If possible do me a favor and don't talk or come in front of me.
Nothing to you,
Sara took the letter from me and started reading. After reading she stared at me.
I replied " I do not know anything about this letter"
Sara replied "yes I believe you "
I replied "thanks for believing"
Sara asked "who can it be?"
I started thinking and Sara was going through the letter again.
I replied "one thing is for sure from the context of letter, swathi had written a letter for me and the person somehow got his hands on the letter and he replied to that to break our relationship "
Sara wasn't listening to what I was saying and in heavy voice I shouted Sara "where is your mind, why are you not listening?"
Sara replied "I am not interested in context of the mail, but I am interested in the hand writing in the letter. I have seen this writing style somewhere "
I asked her continuously to think where she has seen it and Sara replied with exclamation "it's Abhinav's hand writing."
I was just shocked by her answer. Why did Abhinav do this. What did I do so wrong for him?
As it was already Dawn, I quickly rushed to the room to question him face to face of why he has done such thing.
By the time I reached he was not in the room, I waited for him in the room and like after half an hour and as soon as he entered the room, I quickly closed the door. Observing me closing the door he questioned "why the hell are you closing the door?"
I just gave response to him with a tight slap to his face and there was some exchange of blows. we had a rope in the room for drying clothes and using that I tied his hands back and questioned him.
Why did you write such letter to swathi?
He replied "why shouldn't I do, for what you have done."
I asked "what did I do to you?"
He replied "you saved the life of a girl who likes to play with emotions. I just showed you, how it feels when someone plays with emotions.
Now you will understand how I felt when she said NO to me"
I replied with exclamation "your pathetic"
I asked where is the letter swathi sent me?
He didn't reply, I started searching his things and in his cupboard under the pile of clothes I was able to found an envelope.
It was a letter from swathi.

Scene 9:

Seeing the envelope of the cover I got a clear idea of how Abhinav got hands on the letter.
Swathi used to call me as "Abhi" always and she made the mistake by writing my name as "Abhi" in the TO address and as address pointed to my room and even Abhinav's short name is "Abhi". So, the delivery person might have got confused and on that day, I was not in the room because of my quarrel with Abhinav and all paved the way for him to get hands on the letter.
I opened the letter and started reading.
"Hi abhiram, there are many truth's which I would love to share with you. but I was unable to convey to this over the phone.so I am writing this letter to tell you the truth behind our relationship.
Our story didn't begin in this college, it began in our college "Ravenshaw". 4 years before this college. You heard me right " I studied in Ravenshaw, but I lied to you saying I am from St Mary's college" because that was not the right time to reveal the truth.
On the first day of the Ravenshaw, you helped a girl who had met with an accident, admitted her and contacted her friends and you left the place. On the next day when you came to hospital to know status of girl's health, she was no more in that hospital as her parents shifted her to some other place.
How do I know this, because that girl was me?
I enquired in the college once I had recovered and joined college about the person who saved me. The only info I got from the hospital was the that the person who saved my life was a Ravenshaw male student.
One day I overheard a group of students talking about the incident and I found out it was you. I thought to rush towards you and say thanks for the help you did. But I don't know why, my heart stopped me not to reveal immediately to you that I was the girl you helped before finding out the kind of person you are.
Days changed to months and then to years. I had realized the curiosity of my heart to know about you is nothing but my love towards you.
Yes abhiram, I LOVE YOU.
The bracelet I gave you has a number 698. If you remove 5 from each it conveys the same "143". 698 is a symbol of 5 years of my love.
Even the locket which was responsible for our meet was no coincidence I had intentionally dropped my locket in your clothing bag outside the shopping mall.
I don't not need to reveal these things to you. but I want to be completely true with you.
The ways I opted may be right or wrong. But I believe you would understand the reasons behind those. With love swathi.".
Seeing the letter, I got confused of what needs to be done. But I made up my mind to do what needs to be done.

Final Scene:

I kept a voice message to swathi explaining her the whole thing that happened and requested her to come to the park near the hospital if she trusts me.
I am waiting for her in the park and there she comes. Seeing me she ran towards me and as soon as she reached me. She started saying "sorry, sorry abhiram. I should not have blamed you. I was right about you. You are the right person for me. I love you"
I offered her water and said "drink first, then we can talk". She drank the water and then I said "I don't know, I believe I was wrong about you. The ways you tricked me to make me fell in love with you. I feel like I have been trapped by you but not loved by you. I can't have a relationship on such things. I don't love you. Good bye".
I started walking leaving her and she followed me and she was crying. I started to run fast trying to move far from her as I feared I she talks I would again trust her. I stopped as I felt I lost her and suddenly I observed I was in middle of the road and there was a car racing towards me and someone pushed me to side of the road and it was swathi. In the process of saving me she got hit by the car and was thrashed to the side of the road.
My heartbeat increased, my reflexes spiked.my feet stumbled on the thought of losing her. I screamed "swaaaathi.......!","Tears started to burst out my eyes", I ran towards her and picked her and started running towards the other side of the road, to the hospital. I placed her on the stretcher. She was badly wounded, but was conscious, me along with hospital staff were taking her to the operation theatre and she was continuously saying "I love you, abhiram". We reached the entrance of the operation theatre and I was stopped there by the hospital staff. "The operation started...".
I was waiting outside the operation theatre sitting on a chair and Sara came near me and sat beside me. She was now able to walk but still needed time to recover. I didn't even look at her as I was in continuous thinking on Swathi's condition.
Sara said "don't worry, she will be alright."
I replied "don't know, just a moment's before I was angry on her that she tricked me to fell in love with her. but here I am worried about her."
Sara said " people express their emotions in many ways, what you need to see is whether their intentions are right or not. Intentions matter, not ways. Her intention was to love you, why do you think of the ways."
I replied "I won't be able to live without her and the way I behaved with her will make me regret my entire life if something happens to her"
Doctor came out of the operation theatre and said "Don't worry, she is out of danger."
A smile came out of my face and I asked doctor "can I see her."
Doctor replied "you can see her, but don't disturb her, we have given her a sedative and she need rest. You can talk to her tomorrow morning."
We went inside and we sat beside her bed. I didn't say anything, I just kept looking at her and I fell asleep on the chair. I woke up as doctor arrived for a checkup and I noticed it was morning and swathi was still asleep. Sara was also not in the room. I went to her room and she said you were asleep so I came back to my room.
Doctor told me swathi would wake up in 1hr.
I sat beside swathi and waited for her to wake up and she opened her eyes and I continuously said "I love you swathi".
She replied "I know abhiram."
I said "I am sorry for getting angry on you"
She replied " You didn't hate me; you were just angry on me and tears from your eyes confirm my love is true."
I held one of her hand with my two hands and said "I love you swathi. Never leave me"
She placed other hand on my hands and said "I won't".

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