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by celloh
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Fantasy · #2201224
Second chapter of the first book
Chapter 2
A Normal Day in the Life of Maya Elvenhood

The Middle Man river from Maelowdyn went through many parts of the country but one of the most famous, Delvin, a city strategically so important that the king placed his most trustworthy soldiers there. The thing that made this city so important wasn't a force from the outside but rather, from the inside. Being close to the famous Dragon's Den, Delvin was the first line of defense for humanity in the case of a dragon attack. Also, this was why there were so many kinesis users and masters here.

One of these masters of the city, Maya Elvenhood, was living in one of the more rural areas of the city. Most of the houses in this area were wooden. Most of them were custom-made. One of these wooden, but not custom-made, houses had a little chimney that was letting out
smoke at the moment. It was obviously coming from the fire that was lit inside the house but it was rather unnatural. The fire inside the fireplace had unusual red particles floating around it.

This fire was indeed not natural. It was made with pyrokinesis by turning the Kinesis Energy, that went through the air and other living things, into heat energy. Only a few, handful alive humans could do this energy convertation.

Maya was in her kitchen, making breakfast. The stove's fire also had red particles around it. As she was pouring some tea in her cup she looked at her reflection in the silver kettle. She had long black hair and black eyes. Her nose was rather small but pointy.

She wasn't wearing something extraordinary at the moment, just a regular old white shirt and black leather pants.

It was a normal day for Maya.... Until a few minutes later.

Maya heard her a knock on her door. When she went to the front door to open it she saw a familiar face. It was the mailman.

''Maya Elvenhood?'' he said with a very bored face.


''These are for you.'' he handed a bunch of mail.

''Thank you. Have a good day.'' said Maya with a smile.

"You too.''

Maya watched the mailman go down the hill for a couple of seconds then shut the door. She then took a look at the mail. It was mostly usual stuff. Ads, taxes and some other mail from people who needs some help from a kinesis user. One of the mails struck some unfamiliarity to Maya. This was a very pricey mail. It was one of the most high quality envelopes she had ever seen and when Maya opened the letter and took out the paper she saw that the paper was also exotic. Maya gulped. She wasn't expecting a job from a rich man anytime soon, so who was this from and what was this about? There was only one way to find out. She read the letter.

''Dear kinesis user that this mail was sent to,

This mail is an automated mail that was sent to many people all over Elrondux. I want you to come to Maelowdyn. Something is going down in Maelowdyn, something wicked. A lot of people got lost over a couple of weeks. I'm the Count of Maelowdyn and I could order so that this was taken care of easily but the people I'm talking about, the ones that are doing the kidnappings, are very dangerous and powerful men. I have neither the guts nor the power to stop them alone.

This is not an order, this is merely a request. You will be rewarded generously. Please come right after you receive this letter.

Sincerely, Kragshrag, Count of Maelowdyn.''

Once again, Maya gulled. This sounded like an adventure. An adventure that could make her rich but unfortunately, she couldn't go. She had other plans, but this was an unmissable adventure.

Maya went out of the front door. She was now seeing the green hill her house was on top of. When she looked down the hillside she saw the wonderful city of Delvin. Just like always, she was stunned when she saw the city. She slowly started walking.

After a while she made it to the front gate. She entered and went for the one of the alleyways the city had. The city planning in general was strategic. All the houses in it were built so that it was like a staircase. The first line of houses were the closest to sea level, the second was a bit higher and so on. This was made so that if the city was breached the archers and kinesis users could easily defend the city from higher levels.

She went to the third highest district. Here she saw a very clumsily made house. It could fall off at any moment.

She went towards the door and knocked. Nothing happened. She knocked again with a slightly pissed face. Nothing happened again. She knocked heavily this time and the door opened. There stood an old man that was slightly taller than Maya. He had very dense facial hair and his hair was completely messy as if he had just woken up. His clothes were dirty and it was obvious he was a wanderer. After all, he was wearing messy leather armour with torn up trousers. His shoes were also deformed from walking.

He looked at Maya as if he just saw faeces.

''What do you want, woman?''

''Ah, thank you for you kindness, Duncan.'' Maya said with a very angry face.

''Get to the point Maya, I don't have all day.''

Maya sighed, Duncan's rudeness was bumming her out.

''Here, take a look at this letter.'' she said. As she was giving the letter, ''As you can see it is very obvious it came from a rich man so I don't think its a hoax.''

Duncan read the letter and said, ''Yeah, me neither. Look I accept the offer but I'll need some equipment. And honestly, I don't have any money on me right now.''

''Fine, fine don't worry about the money, I'll buy you whatever you want.''

Together they went to the second district and went to the big friday bazaar. From there they bought two small steel daggers and a new set of leather armour. The armor was finely crafted as it came from the country of Deepome, the land of war.

Wherever they went, people looked at Duncan as if he was a monster. Duncan was a negative kinesis user and if there is something people hate more than kinesis usersit was negative kinesis users. Negative kinesis users used the same kind of Energy as positive kinesis users. The difference was that they used their bodies in a different way to channel the Energy. They were rare, and because of viciousness of their powers and superstitions people believed they were not humans but monsters.

Maya picked up a rock from the ground. When they went to a dark alleyway she began drawing a big circle. Inside of the circle she draw another circle. Between the two circles she drew some runes. Then, inside the second circle she drew a big, runic sign. The meaning of the sign was 'relocation'.

She then pointed at Duncan. Then Duncan went to the middle of the circle and by using his powers he started to disorient like a tv that can't pick up signals. His body then started to take another shape and he became 2D. He became a literal shadow on the ground.

Maya placed her hands in front of her and made a cross with all of her fingers. She, then concentrated, reaching out for the Energy around her. She started to collect the Energy, she closed her eyes and her hair started to rise as if the wind was blowing. She focused all the Energy around her into one of her hands and she sucked all of that Enegry into her body. She could feel the Energy going through her veins as if it was blood. She then started to convert all that Energy inside of her body and when the Energy reached her other hand she released all of it in an instant into the circle.

The circle began glowing. Maya's long hair was in the air and the shadow in the middle of the circle wasn't moving an inch. There was a machine like sound. A sound that irritated everyone nearby. The sound of a kinesis circle activating.

The circle then caught fire and there was a bright flash and then Maya opened her eyes. She saw that the circle and the shadow in the middle of it was gone. Actually the ground the circle was on was gone. There was a two meter deep pit.

Both the ground and Duncan were relocated to Maelowdyn.
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