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by Xiea
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I tried songwriting. It's too long, I guess but here goes nothing...
Theme (wow, don't I sound like your 5th grade English class Work? Theme and all...)
We all have friends we were really really close to at some point in our lives but we stopped talking to them just because, right? Or is it me? Either way, enjoy... or not.

Verse 1:
Laughing and crying at the same time,
Am I out of my mind?
Am I sad or am I glad?
That we are done here, that you left?
We did have our share of fun,
Though it was exhausting for us,
To deal with each other
Now we're looking for stuff
that's bigger and better than us.

I won't tell you that I miss you like
A kid with cavities misses candy,
And Ima smile like a ray of sunshine
The next time we pass by.
I won't be mad, no I won't be angry,
And I'll act just act Iike nothing happened
But if you tell me that you still love me
Then I know I'll say it back.

Now then,
I'll be waiting and I'll be wishing
That you come say hi to me.
Cause I know I won't,
my ego won't let me.
Fess up to your sorry ass.
And I'll be wishing and I'll be waiting
That you ask me if I'm okay,
On my sad days, on my bad days,
Cause if you do, I know I will be fine.
So I'm still waiting...

Verse 2:
I don't even know what happen here,
Why we won't talk anymore.
It don't really matter,
I can pretend to not care
As long as I don't see you again.
But I'm not sure what is going on
You didn't really say the last goodbye,
Should I hold on or should I move on?
Could you let me know where we stand?

I won't tell you that I miss you.
For I'm not sure that you care.
And Ima smile like a ray of sunshine
The next time we pass by.
I won't be mad, no I won't be angry,
We can act like nothing ever happened
Like we never even met,
I'll be just a random stranger
With a creepy smile
that'll make you wanna hide.

I'll be waiting and I'll be wishing
That you come say hi to me.
And I know you won't,
You've moved on and found new friends
Who are not as cringy as me.
Wishing and waiting,
And you won't even be aware that
You got an old friend who still gives a shit.
No you'll be grooving with your phony ones.
So I'm still waiting...

Confused, I'm standing all alone
In this room meant for two deep inside my head.
We stayed here together, do you remember?
And then you stopped paying your half of the rent.
Not that you couldn't afford it,
After all, you had to pay in friendship.
But you didn't want to, so you ran away,
And I'm not able to leave from here.
I'm not sure if you're even alive,
But I can't move on, still waiting for you to come home.
You're coming for me, I'll keep wishing you are.
Cause I don't have much of a choice.

I'll be waiting and I'll be wishing
That we meet someday on a lonesome street,
If our memories were tangible objects,
I'd return your stuff back
and run far away from you
Wishing and waiting,
Never mind, It will pass
and I'll get over it.
But until then world keeps racing past me
I'm stuck, reminiscing our special handshake.
Someday, you'll come and do it again with me.
And until then, I'll be waiting...

PS: I realize that the syllables don't really fit but I have a tune in my head and it kinda goes along. But I'll forget the tune. Okay, it doesn't matter. Just wanted to say that it's supposed to be a real upbeat song played on ukuleles and acoustic guitars and stuff. And don't judge me much, it's my first time at song writing.
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