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A cautionary tale about an incredible creature
                   The Drumpf

         Shun the smirking Drumpf, my friends;
         don’t heed its fuming tweets.
         Grinning guise hides what’s inside,
         but thumbs reveal the beast!

         A creature without conscience,
         no morals, faith, or tact;
         a Drumpf will steal your wallet,
         or stab you in the back.

         Though doughy faced and fleshy,
         and rather large behind,
         its hands are somewhat smallish,
         to match a smallish mind.

         A Drumpf will root for money,
         and borrow tons of cash,
         then bankrupt the investors
         and never pay them back.

         A Drumpf will make up stories,
         and tell outrageous lies.
         It sings a song of fake news
         when awkward truths arise.

         A Drumpf will grab a pussy
         or pay a prostitute.
         It parties hard with perverts
         through sixty years of youth.

         A Drumpf will use religion
         to cover countless sins.
         The methods do not matter,
         it worships only wins.

         A Drumpf builds walls, not bridges,
         good people it subverts,
         playing different factions
         by dishing out the dirt.

         It doesn’t care for migrants,
         and never cuts them slack.
         A Drumpf will steal their babies
         and never give them back.

         A Drumpf turns trade to war games
         that all must play and lose.
         Tariff’s just another word
         for taxes we don’t choose.

         A Drumpf likes swampy places,
         it wallows in the muck.
         Don’t even try to shame it,
         cuz Drumpf don’t give a fuck.

                   Terrence G. Fisher, 2019

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