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Life is a special gift so we should live it in appreciation and honor of God the giver.
Understanding is a shared
And filtered entity;
To each is his understanding
Of life’s puzzles
With character reflecting
Ones true identity.

Our transgressions
Are multiplied and our sins
Divide us
But if we are
Obedient and faithful then
We can enjoy the fruits
Of the Spirit and shove
The fuss.

We sin, sin and sin
No generation wants to be
Like us.
If we change unto
Righteousness in the effort
Of subtracting sin;
We may be added
To the works of
The righteous.

To live for Christ is gain
But to sin is the
Greatest loss.
We seek health and strength,
Peace and happiness to
Quench the thirst of life;
Working for Christ
At any cost.

Aging is seemingly the
Worst enemy of life;
So it is imperative to maintain
Good health and continue
To feed our physical,
Mental and spiritual being.
And dismiss other
Folks' strife.

Sickness is more like failure
In the progress of life.
It is like a recess
Subtracting valuable time
From life’s progress.

It is wise to maintain
Good health and strength;
Embrace knowledge
And wisdom;
Live in righteousness
To fulfil a worthwhile life;
And aim high to be an angel
In God's kingdom.
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