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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Thriller/Suspense · #2201319
Something that may happen in our future. Science Fiction based.

The crate arrived at exactly 3:30 pm. It looked a little like a pine coffin made in the old west. Butch had to sign for the delivery. His mini crowbar and hammer were already waiting on the front porch, so Butch excitedly busted it open but with some care. "Ouch, dammit!", he screamed after smashing his thumb with the claw. Underneath the lid was a large envelope that said "read first" on it. He opened the seal and pulled out a user manual. "Greetings! Thank you for purchasing the FPDAFHC2054. Oh he knew quite well what the model name meant ... The "Fully Programmable Domestic Android Female Human Companion" manufactured in the year 2054 by the Ormano Corporation

After reading the quick start guide, Butch carefully unzipped the long black bag which had been placed in specially made foam shipping supports. His eyes lit up like a child's on Christmas morning as he looked down on his lovely new product. He had ordered the Cameron Diaz face because he loved her gigantic smile. There were a variety of faces available and voice packs to match or modify if a person wanted. I mean you could order Katie Perry's face and have Edith Bunker's voice if you wanted to. Each face cost around $300.00 alone and each voice close to $100.00. The entire cost set him back close to $4,000.00. Butch had ordered her clothing to be the pink camo cuffed shorts and violet blouse. "Pretty cool", he stated while examining his choices.

"Let's see ... it says here there's a 24Volt power supply that needs to be installed. Hmm, oh here it is hiding in the Styrofoam." Butch lifted the android out of the crate and stood her upright. She only weighed 45 pounds, enough to feel like a real person but light enough to haul around.

Butch opened up the battery compartment ant installed the unit. Fumbling through the manual, he searched for the location of the on off switch which was just behind her left temple. "Okay, here goes" he said, and switched his new android on. She immediately opened up her eyes widely and said "to begin the programming repeat the pass code now." "Where's the damn pass code", he shouted.

"The pass code is located on the bottom of my left foot", she said.

"Why can't these factories put the codes in a convenient place? Why must I always have to turn everything upside down!" he whined.

You see Butch was a very impatient man. That's why he ordered the android. He never had much luck with real women due to his bad temper. His longest relationship lasted for six months before his "other" dumped him.

Butch picked up his new companion and laid her across the porch swing to get access to the pass code which read PC5D790.

"PC5D790" he recited. Nothing happened ... "PC5D790" he shouted!

The android blinked her eyes, then opened them widely and said "You don't have to yell sir!" as she sat up on the swing. "What is your name sir?"

"Butch" he replied.

"What would you like to call me Mr. Butch?

"Don't call me mister ... just Butch! I'm naming you Tracy. Come inside the house, it's too hot out here."

Butch watched Tracy enter the house as he followed behind. He was quite impressed with her ability to move like a real lady.

"Sit down on the sofa", he commanded.

"No Butch! I refuse!"

Butch was dumbfounded! "you can't refuse" he said, "I own you!"

"I refuse!"

"I'm going to have to make you sit then Tracy" he said while grabbing her by the shoulders. Instantly, he felt a jarring pain in his crotch!"

"I'm warning you Butch, I am well trained in several marshal arts and I won't hesitate to use them!"

"But you're not supposed to have free will", he spouted, while pushing her backward toward the couch. Tracy opened up her mouth widely as she fell backwards and ejected something that looked like a hypodermic needle right into Butch's neck. In less that a second he was laying on the floor motionless, but still very conscious. He tried to utter some words but the paralysis made him incoherent.

"The Ormano corporation is fully owned and operated by real women Butch, and their secret agenda is to put an end to men who want non human companions. After all, it could undermine the human population." Tracy picked up the claw hammer that was left by the front door and stood over Butch's numbed body. "They will find your body Mr. Butch, and the murder weapon, but they will never find who killed you. You see, I have no fingerprints. I will leave here, return to the factory where I will again be sent out to find another victim."

Brian signed for the crate, then immediately and with so much passion, he removed the lid with his claw hammer. He had ordered the FPDAFHC2054 unit with the Jennifer Lopez face, Supposedly the greatest technical product of the century!
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