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A brotherhood that has solved the world's problems
(or “Swords into Plowshares”)

There are people who dwell among us in this world who have a unique story to tell. They number into the millions and they are found in all nations of the earth. They frequent all occupations from the lowly to the educated. They come from all races, tribes, languages, cultures and backgrounds yet they are the most inconspicuous, discreet people in the world. They are model citizens, law-abiding neighbours and they speak and seek truth and peace. They cause no harm to anyone and they advocate love toward all. They refuse to engage in wars, politics or any of mankind's divisive activities. Yet, despite this, they have been accused, slandered and persecuted by every nation on the earth. They have been banned from existing, condemned, imprisoned, tortured and murdered, by individuals, organisations, governments and leaders, even those of the so-called “free world.”

Many of us work with them unknowingly, attend schools and colleges with them, meet them in the streets and encounter them in our busy lives. Still they do not choose fame, fortune or power. They are the most harmless of people yet, the most passionate and dedicated. They have laid down their lives for their principles but have never taken any other lives.

This is their story. It is a story of courage, faith, endurance and, most of all, love. If all the world were like these people, then the world would finally be at peace.

More to follow.
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