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by uouo
Rated: E · Short Story · Other · #2201329
Story about Joey, the AnimeMan, that was made on a whim
Late in the evening, Joey was walking with his girlfriend Aki and she was finding random blind bags of the street for a video. Joey thought he’d try his luck with one for fun. Getting home, Joey found a shonen wrist band. Joey thought that it’d be cool to pretend to be characters like Goku, Toktio, and Jojo for a video. However, he wasn’t as ripped as them. Heck, even Kirito was more fit then him. Plus, he didn’t have the time to order a fake muscle suit, and the fact all the ones in his size are sold out. The rest of merch in the bag were descent shonen merch. Joey then put the stuff back in the bag and got ready for bed. He had forgotten to take off the band before falling asleep.

In his sleep, Joey began to feel warm. His muscles began to ache. What he could not realize in his sleep, is that he was growing. His biceps, calves, and pecs grew in size.

In the morning, Aki woke up and made breakfast. She was curious why Joey hadn’t woken up yet. Aki the went to his room and turned on the light. She screamed in shock and disbelief. Joey had grown into a twelve foot mass of muscle. He looked like a giant bodybuilder filling half the room, with his arms and pecs being the biggest. Joey awoke due to his tiny girlfriend’s scream. The bed broke in the moment and Joey was fully awake. Confused, and he could think about is that seems straight out of fiction.

“I’ll call the doctor and see if he can’t come in” Aki said as she managed to calm down. As concern as Joey was, he wanted to videotape himself. Not for YouTube, but so he’d have proof of this happening if he can get back to normal. Aki got the camera after calling the doctor and Joey tried positioning himself to a more comfortable position.

“Hey everyone, it’s the AnimeMan here and...” After doing his intro, Joey began to feel warm all of a sudden. Aki, with the recording camera, saw Joey’s skintight clothes beginning to rip. Both realizing what was happening, Aki got out of the room and saw her giant boyfriend growing. The sound of objects breaking was all she could hear over Joey’s groans of discomfort. His head made it through the door with his hulking frame filled up his room. Aki could see the walls bending due to Joey’s size. She could also see that Joey’s head was half the size of her own body.
“I think we should evacuate the building” Aki said, still recording. Joey nodded as Aki as she saw cracks in the walls. Aki slowly kept her distance from Joey as she saw the room walls break down. “Are you ok?” Aki yelled. Joey said yes. Aki got a bottle of water before she saw Joey growing again with nothing but his boxers. She pulled the fire alarm as Joey filled their apartment.

The entire building was now outside. Aki, still recording, was about to see her own boyfriend become a titan like Eren, only much bigger.
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