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by MsGail
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Mistress and Miss have left the room and gone to play on their own for the first time
Mistress and her subs

We had left my sissy slut tied up and restrained on the bed and I left with my beautiful girl to have a bit of quality time together. She had been so confident when she was playing with the restrained sissy but now her nerves were showing through again.
"Don't worry sweetie", I told her "we are just going to do a little exploring of our own and see where it goes"
I don't think that alleviated her fears as she turned and looked at me, a very worried and concerned look.
I cant say I really blame her. I had been verbally torturing her for weeks with my ideas and suggestions for her to try. She was very open to a lot of new play and wanted to try so very much. I had her complete a checklist to let me know what she was interested in and what she didn't want to do. Happy to respect her wishes especially as she had very broad wants and interests. There were certainly some things that I thought I could push, but for the moment I decided to concentrate on the things she liked and wanted to try.
I led her into my playroom. She hadn't realised I had a fully equipped playroom ooops did I forget to mention that. She stopped dead at the entrance to the room. Her eyes bulged. She started to tremble.
"Hunnie, I said, its all good. We won't do anything that you are not comfortable with"
I led her over to the chair at the side of the room and let her take it all in. In the room there was a St. Andrew's cross, on the wall a web, and a spanking benches as well as a beautiful bed. Around the room were all my toys laid out on benches and mounted on the walls. There was a glass cabinet with plugs and vibrators and another one with all my electric toys. I was particularly proud of my collection of floggers and paddles hand made for me by a very good friend. Also around the room were candles and play candles. I told her to strip naked while I went around the room lighting the candles. When I returned she hadn't quite finished disrobing and was shaking again. I took her hand and pulled her towards me. I gave her a long deep kiss and rubbed her back my hands moving up and down encouraging her to relax into me.
I felt her tremble a little less and moved her back to look at her. She was still nervous but it appeared that although a little worried she was now starting to appreciate what fun lay ahead.
I opened a draw and took out a leather harness and mitts, also a lockable butt plug and nipple clamps. Her eyes widened again and I gave her a kiss and then held my finger to my lips to warn her not to speak. I turned her around and put some lube on the plug before slowly pushing it up her sweet little ass. She gasped but didn't say anything. I then put on the harness and mits. Her beautiful breasts were poking through the chest area of the harness which I tightened around her body. The mits I did up around her wrists and fixed them to the side of the harness with clips. I took the nipple clamps that had little bells on the end of them and put them over her nipples and slowly did them up. She gasped again.
I fixed a collar round her neck and attached a lead. I led her over to the spanking bench and indicated that she should bend over the bench. She looked at me but bent over. I then clipped her arms and legs to the bench so she was held in the bent position.
I went around the front of the bench and looked into her fearful eyes.
"Don't worry little one', I said, ' I am aware of your limits. You must tell me if I am approaching your limits. I will start of gently with all the toys I chose to play with - and I will show them to you first before I use them. You will nod that you understand. Should you decide that something is too much for you you will tell me yellow, I will then know that this is now approaching your limit and will either stop using that toy or I will use it more gently. If you want me to stop immediately you will tell me Red or if you want the whole session to come to an end you will use your safeword.
Remind me of your safeword now sweetie"
          "Egypt" she said
"And what are the rules for play - how will you tell me that you are approaching your limits and how will I know when you have had enough of that toy?"
         "Mistress, I will tell you yellow if I am getting very uncomfortable and approaching my limit, and I will tell you Red if I need you to stop"
"And how will I know to stop the whole session my darling?"
         "I will say Egypt Mistress and the play will stop. What if I change my mind Mistress and want it to continue?"
"It will continue another time my darling once you have said your safeword it's the end of the session. I will also choose to end the session when I feel you have had enough but if you safeword we won't be using any more toys on you today. "
I then went behind her and smacked her ass with my hand. She had a sharp intake of breath and her bottom wobbled. I slapped her again and again until her bottom started to go a little pink. I then walked over to the wall and picked up a few of my floggers. A latex one, a suede one and a rubber one.
I walked back to the front of her. She was panting a little. I asked her
"Are you alright little one. Are you happy for me to continue?"
         "Oh yes Mistress, its wonderful - oh should I have said that - I don't know - ohhhhh"
I laughed. I walked around to the rear again and gently ran my hand over both her buttock cheeks, checking also that the plug was still in place giving it an extra push that elicited a moan from her. I moved my hand between her legs.
"Oh you are a little damp here, do I need to get you a towel?"
         She gasped "Nnnn No Mistress I am sorry I will try not to get too wet"
"Well just make sure that you don't make a mess on my carpet little one that would never do, its really difficult getting stains out of the carpet I know I have watched little subbies spend hours on their hands and knees scrubbing and wiggling their asses for me ... Oh wait maybe they were just wiggling because they knew I liked it.... Hahaha we will see" I said cryptically.
After a last loving feel of her smooth shaven pussy and a quick finger insertion. I turned my attention back to the floggers. I picked up the latex one and made its latex fingers trail all down her back and over her legs and arms before rolling it up and hitting her with it on her shoulders and down her back and over her ass, making her gasp again. I quickly moved onto the suede flogger and proceeded to strike her ass over and over making her wiggle and squirm. My hand rubbing her bottom I checked she was still ok and happy for me to go on.
         "GREEN Mistress" she said
"I don't remember giving you the instruction for green but I will take that as you being more than happy for me to continue." I said
I started using the rubber flogger a much harder thwack and this got her wiggling quite a lot. I didn't want to push it today so I only used it for a minute or so before rubbing her bottom again and moving my hand around to her front. She was really wet now. I walked over to the cabinet and got out one of my vibrators. I came up behind her and pushed it inside her. She panted. I moved it in and out of her wet pussy and then turned it on. She gasped even louder and her legs began to buckle. I took it out.
"I didn't say you could get "That" excited" I said. "And anyway you have already cum today do you deserve to cum again??" She shook her head
I went to the wall and brought back my crop and my cane.
Which one? Subbie's choice perhaps?
I walked round to the front of the bench and showed her. Her eyes widened but she didn't really seem to have a favourite.
I chose the crop... for now... I gave her 10 strokes getting harder with each one, she moaned loudly.
Her bottom was now very red and the crop left some short lived marks.
I put the cane to one side to use again later and went to get one of the paddles Such workmanship went into making these fabulous paddles. I chose my favourite - one I had been presented with on my birthday, the round paddle. I didn't show her this time and started using it on her bottom.
"OUCH" she shouted "That hurts. What is that??"
I didn't answer and used it again a little harder this time leaving much redder marks on her bottom.
         "Mistress that is nearly too much" she said.
"If you want me to stop or slow down you need to use your words little one. Otherwise don't speak your putting me off my strokes" I said hitting her just a little more gently this time.
She gulped.
But brave girl didn't use her words and a couple of smacks later she was wiggling her bottom at me again.
I laughed.
This time I picked up the cane and without further ado I brought it down on her ass leaving a lovely cane mark on her bottom.
"Yellow" she shouted"
"Good girl, I said, Do you want me to continue with this toy or move on?"
         "I don't know Mistress. I do sort of like it. It was a big shock to me"
I put the cane down and opened the box that was sat on the bench next to me. She couldn't see what I took out.... but she felt it when the pinwheel started moving over her body. Her raw bottom feeling it very acutely. I ran the pinwheel up her back, over her shoulders and back down her legs, she almost giggled when it went over her sides but was still feeling the effects from her bottom. I smiled at the little marks it was creating.
I walked around to her front and lifted her head and kissed her gently.
"I think you have had enough for now little one. Come and sit with me on the bed. "
I undid her restraints and led her over to the bed. I laid her down gently and lay next to her. My hands caressing her body and her bottom. I kissed her deeply and elicited excited moans from her. My hands trailing to between her legs I found her little button and started rubbing it. She started moaning even louder and rubbing her legs together. I stopped. She made an upset noise.
I held her in my arms.
"I already told you that you had already cum for today. Further excitement will come another time little one I promise. Just lie here with me and enjoy." We cuddled and held each other for a long time. I got her to turn over and massaged her bottom before removing the plug.
         "Oh my goodness, she said" I had forgotten that was in there"
I smiled.
I think it is now your turn to give me a little pleasure little one.
         "Oh yes please Mistress" she said

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