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by Xeno
Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #2201432
A flower that deeply means.. unfading love.
I am waiting here in a place where we always meet,
Under the tree, where you and I are always being sweet.
For you, it is our refuge, it is where you can be yourself,
You will tell me that you always needed my help.

Your head leaned on my shoulders and you started to cry,
Telling me that you want to be free and just fly.
I smiled to you, kissed your forehead, and just embraced you,
My heart starts to feel the pain, and I just want to imagine that this isn't true.

My body feels lighter but it is shaking too much,
Looking around the place as the trees witness and watch.
The dried leaves started to fall down as the wind blew,
You look into my eyes, and without a word, I always knew.

"Yes, I wasn't meant for you."

You held my hands and apologized,
My mind is starting to break down and this body is paralyzed.
I told you for the last time to kiss me like nothing happened,
Because for me, this is where my life would literally end.

Our lips collide and all the memories began to scatter,
The world started to blur and my tears fell harder.
You looked at me with a smile on your face,
I promised myself that I will love you even if you will never stay.

You turned around and started to walk away,
Happiness and someone to love you more than I do is what I pray.
Now, the tree that used to be our refuge is gone,
It is just a plain sidewalk that has a little Amaranth plant.

And here I am standing to where we used to be always,
The flower is being watered by my tears that run down from my face.
I looked up into the skies and a dried leaf fell down into my forehead,
My love for you will always be in this place, embedded.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2201432-Amaranth