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Rated: E · Other · Drama · #2201443
The character doesn't recognize her own talent.
You always think that you're no good. You always think that they can do better than you. You always think that you can't do what others can do. You always compare yourself to others. You always think and say, "Why I am different from others?".

One day, you've met a person just like you. You felt like you were facing a mirror, you felt like you're facing the you. You saw that person comparing herself to others and you thought she could also do something. You thought that person is not smart, she's not talented, she's no pretty nor cute, and she's not rich, she's pretty average. But still, she is the only one who listened to the mute man, the only one who guided the blind woman, the only one that helped the disabled person, and the only one who played with the special child. You thought that, that person did what a smart, talented, rich and a pretty person should have done. You thought that she can also do what others can't do. And as these thoughts keep running in your mind, you wake up with tears in your eyes, because what you have seen is you, the incredible you.

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