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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2201460
Would I be walking, should I be talking.
With lights on the ceiling of the sky. Everyone outside is staring in ah. Might it be and alien, no one knows. I know, william grafi. I am a bounty hunter, and i live in the north side of Cali. Its 1885. There's gold, and I made my riches, but know I use my riches to hunt deadly creatures. I make sure to have my shotgun ready. and my special knifes, made of blue stone. I don't just, hunt for fun, or for the people. Its for immortality. Now though, there is no way for me to stop this creature infestation.

While everyone, is staring in aw, like there hypnotized. I'm running, to my house. I'm certain, there a bomb that will go off. I know this from my mentor Gregory Limon. He is a man i known for about 300 years, and he taught me many things. science, fighting, are the most important.

I made it to my house, and i went quickly to my basement. I went down, 50 feet or so and went to a room, with a thick iron door, and went to another, one a little smaller. I then, went and went to other doors, after a while. I heard a large boom outdoors. I then heard a voice say,"
have fun getting out. I really didn't understand, but i got a little dizzy and fell on the floor.

I woke up. All the candles, burned out. Ha ''who ever said that, you have no idea, i got this place memorized, in and out''.as i yelled it out. So with out looking I starting going out, just to prove what I said.

I went and and went through, all my doors, smoothly. I past all the doors, and i got to the little door. and I hit a wall, surprised. I didn't know what happened i looked around. There was nothing then, i found a big door that wasn't supposed to be there. I was confused, and I realized, that this was there game, I kept looking and looking.

300 years later. a man with really dark clothes, found a caved in whole. he excavated it with his mind. He noticed a iron ladder. that is all rusted. He goes down all the way, with his mind powers. He opens a door at the bottom, and he comes in, a bright light strikes him. He notices a old scaly man. He blasts this old man, the old man dodges, and the guy is surprised. the young man says'' who are you''.
The scaly man says,"how dare you open my maze, leave at once''. The young man, closes the door, behind him and says,''Not happening.'' The scaly man, then says'' at least let me tell you who i am''. as the scaly man, walks to a picture and says '' This is me, i have been alive for 300 years,'' The young man says, ''you are immortal.'' The scaly man says yes, and you will be as well.'' and he merges with the wall. The young man surprised for a second then blasts all the wall with a might push with his powers. and breaks the supports and everything down.Except for him. The young man says ''do you think this will stop me'' While the young man is holding the debre up with his mind, a things breaks from the ground and stabs the young man through the hear then the wall said,'' that will, hahahahahaaha''.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2201460