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Wendy and Dipper decide to wait until tomorrow. Those crystals aren't going anywhere!
Dipper wondered how hard a person's heart could race before it ruptured. This was a chance to spend the entire night with Wendy, the girl Dipper had been obsessed with all summer! He knew he couldn't refuse an offer like this.

"U-uhm, a-are you s-sure? Y-you don't m-mind me at your house?" Dipper stammered, unable to hide an excited yet also nervous smile. "Aw, pshhh! It's nothing Dipper, really! Besides, you look like you really need a break from the Mystery Shack. Am I right?" Wendy asked. Dipper then nodded, showing she was correct. "Like I said, it's getting late and those crystals aren't going anywhere. Let's see what kind of fun we can have with your new size before we change you back. Sound like a deal?" The giant teenager proposed, extending her pinkie finger for the closest thing she could give to a handshake.

"U-uh, sure! Y-yeah, those crystals aren't going anywhere!" The boy said, shaking Wendy's pinkie with both hands before gripping tightly onto her flannel shirt as they headed off toward Wendy's house. "Oh my God, she's taking me to her house! Ugh, calm down Dipper! You're just spending the night. You'll be back to normal tomorrow." Dipper thought as the pair approached a small log cabin.

"I need to hide you in my pocket for a minute so my family doesn't see you, okay?" Wendy warned as Dipper was placed in his crush's shirt pocket. She walked in the door and up the stairs to her room where she shut and locked the door behind her. Wendy took Dipper out of her pocket and stuck him in her mouth as she took off her flannel shirt, her mud caked boots and finally her trapper hat. She pulled the boy out of her mouth and wiped him off with a tissue before plopping onto her bed, setting Dipper beside her.

"Sorry about that, Dip. I didn't have a free hand and it was just an instinct." Wendy apologized, giggling lightly. "W-well it's n-not like I got h-hurt or anything, so it's f-fine!" The boy replied, blushing red as a tomato. It wasn't the most pleasant experience, but he passed through Wendy's lips so he somewhat considered it a kiss in that regard. "You sure those crystals are gonna work?" Wendy asked. "Well... Not really, but... W-we have to at least try!" Dipper answered, a sudden wave of doubt and nervousness washing over him and Wendy noticed. "Oh, fuck. Sorry Dip, I didn't mean to make you doubt yourself... I'm sure we'll be able to get you back to normal!" Wendy said as she started rubbing Dipper's hair with her thumb, which made the boy stop shaking and muttering to himself.

"What am I gonna do with you?" Wendy laughed, rolling onto her side to face Dipper. "Well... You could keep rubbing my hair... That's really relaxing." Dipper replied as Wendy's thumb gently ran over the top of his head. "I know it's relaxing, doofus. That's why I'm doing it. To keep your paranoia down." The teenager chuckled, still petting her tiny friend. "It's working..." Dipper yawned.

Dipper was practically being nurtured by his crush. His day was certainly taking a turn for the better. He turned and lied down on the gigantic mattress. "Good night, Wendy..." The boy yawned as he closed his eyes. A pair of fingers then lifted Dipper to Wendy's smiling face. "Um, Dip? I don't really think you should sleep there. I could roll over and squash you." She laughed. "Then where can I sleep?" Dipper asked tiredly. Wendy pondered for a moment. "Hmm... Well, I guess I could just hold you." Wendy said as she held Dipper close to her chest, using her hands almost like a blanket for the diminished boy. "If I drop you, you're smart enough to find a way back up, so I'll leave the lamp on so you can see, alright?" Wendy yawned. She then saw Dipper was already fast asleep in her gentle embrace. Wendy giggled lightly at her friend as she closed her eyes. "Good night... My little Dipper..." Wendy yawned as she drifted off to sleep as well.
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