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"Let me tell you about the silhouette I saw sneaking past the broken windows..."
         See that house over there? Let me tell you about the silhouette I saw sneaking past the broken windows in the broad daylight one day during Autumn.
         The house that has been vacant since the dawn of time has a history that was heavily talked about through the small, overly populated town I call home. My adventurous heart always craved the pleasure of exploring that “Gateway to Hell.” The surrounding property was fortified with a black, steel fence that always towered over the passerbyers. I was always told that the front yard, divided in two by a cracked walkway that led to the front door, was a cemetery of some sorts. I often stood by the chained up door in the fence and stared up at the windows that looked like they were the prime destination for stray baseballs. On a good day, at the right angle, with the right amount of overcast, I am able to see a little bit into the second floor of the house. Of course, it was rather barren but it also felt full, full of life that once inhabited this hovel. It was on this particular Thursday afternoon that I finally saw what I’ve wanted to see.
         I walked over to the gate door like I so often did and looked at the house. My expectations to see anything truly spectacular were as low as the ground I waked on. My eyes widened when I spotted something I didn’t think happened in there.
My heart started pounding in the small confidments of my chest, wanting to burst. I stared at the shadow-like figure staring back at me. His shoulders were broad and his hair appeared to be non-existent. The more I stared at him, the darker he became, it was like staring at the outlines of a cartoon character. An object was placed in his hand that had the outline of a flower of some sort. His other hand reached towards me and the trance-like state I was in made me feel something cold wrap around my neck. I closed my eyes but quickly relaxed when I realized that it was my own hand. I opened my eyes and saw that there was nothing in the window, I don’t even know if there was anything at all.
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