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When it hurts... it hurts.
Knife in the chest
Twist it in deep
Now sit back boy
& Watch me bleed
See what you’ve done
The damage you’ve made
I just hope it was worth
The cost that I've paid
Oh why did you do this
How could you hurt me so bad
You knew that I liked you
Still, you went and did THAT
Now you’ve broken my heart
When it still wasn’t whole
But you didn’t stop at that
You just had to crush my hope
So now I’m sitting in the ashes
Of the fire that you built
Hoping you get crushed
By the weight of your guilt
Cuz what you did to me
I just didn’t deserve
You couldn’t even tell me
Cuz you didn’t have the nerve
So I ended up learning it
From somebody else
Cuz you didn’t have the guts
To tell me yourself
So right now I’m just hoping
That one day this won’t hurt
And that you’re hurting just as badly
As this heart that you’ve burned

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