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by Paul
Rated: E · Short Story · Parenting · #2201499
Stacy and her father bond even more
“I’m home!... Stacy?... Stacy, you here?”

“In here, Dad.”

“What’s wrong, sweetheart? Why are you crying?”

“It’s my friend, Geoff, he’s getting into heavy drugs and won’t listen to anybody. He’ll hurt himself or something worse.”

“Ca’mere sweetheart, sit with me and put your head on my chest like you used to. You always said feeling and hearing the rumble of my voice made you feel safe. I loved that.”

“Thank you, daddy. I do love it.”

“There... you haven’t called me ‘Daddy’ in a long time either. Thank you.”

“I love you, daddy. Keep talking, please.”

“Okay. Your friend, are you and he having s—“

“No, dad, were not having sex. I don’t do drugs either. For gods sake, I’m only 16, there’s plenty of time for all that later.”

“Okay, I was just—“

I’m telling you the truth, dad. I never lie to you. You told me, ‘Never lie to me and I’ll stand up to the world for you.’ I’ve never lied to you. Thank you for that.”

“You’re an amazing young woman, Stace. I’ve worried about you learning to be a woman since your mother died.”

“You’ve taught me well, dad. I know how embarrassing it was when it got to the period and tampons and other stuff, but you found Dr. Stinson, she’s great.”

“She is good, I like her.”

“I wanted you to hold my hand like mom would have for my first exam, but she said it would embarrass you. I like her too, I trust her. You I trust completely, you never lie to me either... why don’t you ask her out?”

“Uhh, I’m not ready.”

“It’s been eight years dad.”

“I know.”

“I worry about you, dad.”

“You’re an incredible young woman, Stacy.”

“You’re an incredible Dad. I feel better now.”
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