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A warrior cats fan fiction (un-finished)
Moonshine ran through the mountains, raindrops sprinkling across her pelt from the dark cloudless sky. She raced to get back to Sun Clan camp, scanning the large mountains for the hidden tunnel that lead into their camp. Deerfoot and Moon's sister Heatherpool were hard on her paws. The rain was getting heavier and it became harder and harder to see in the storm. Through the rain, Moonshine saw a tunnel and dashed for it, but when she got inside, it was very small and definitely not their camp. Deerfoot and Heatherpool came hurling to a stop just inside the entrance. Deerfoot growled and stamped his paw against the hard stone.

"We need to get back to camp," he declared, turning around to race out the entrance of the tunnel again.
"No, I think it would be best if we stayed here the night," Moonshine reasoned. Deerfoot bowed his head.
"As you wish," Moonshine curled up on the cold stone floor, wrapping her tail around her paws and closing her eyes, but the rain kept her awake.

When Moonshine woke she knew they had to get back to camp soon the sun was rising and the rain had cleared. Moonshine heaved herself onto her paws and padded over to Heatherpool, nosing her side. Heatherpool woke with a shiver stepping to Moonshine's side. Deerfoot was already awake standing at the entrance to the small cave.
"We should get going now, Cloverstar is probably waiting for us," Heatherpool mentioned heading towards Deerfoot.
"Cloverstar doesn't wait," Deerfoot growled.
"She will wait it's her only option," Moonshine reminded him pulling past them and surveying the land around them.
"Besides, she won't make the decision without me,"
"How can you be so sure," Deerfoot challenged.
"I just know, alright," Moonshine snapped and at that moment a huge rock fell trapping them inside the cave.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2201530