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A 448 word story written for the Writer's Cramp prompt, 9/26/19.
The Grudge

Say what you want, but you owe me... big time. You never really thought I was just going to forgive and forget, did you? Well, dream on!

So far you've got away with it. No body, no bones, no proof that I have been murdered. I'm just another missing person, an addition to the statistics.

You buried me well. It's not that you dug the hole deep enough, because you could barely fit me in there. I watched you as you struggled to force my corpse in to that hole and then shovelled and kicked at the dirt, pulled plenty of branches over the spot; should any walker or rambler ever venture so far off the beaten track, they wouldn't give the spot a second glance.

The animals found me. Many have feasted already. Bones have been unearthed, scattered here about. None have been discovered yet, but sooner or later they will be. Maybe, with DNA testing, they will eventually lead back to me, give my family some sort of closure. Once they know that I won't be coming back, they will be able to grieve and then recover. You, though, you've already headed off, moved away; taking with you the illusion that you have got off scot-free.

Did you think I'd let you go? Really?

Distance is no object to me. No matter how far you run, I'll not let you escape. Never! Your time might be limited, but mine? You've made it never-ending. And I am going to toy with you, mess with your mind and make you eventually insane.

The least that you owe me is your sanity. But you can keep your twisted morals. I trusted you, looked up to you, even; until that final night when you revealed your true color. Yours was a sickly poisoned green, venomous and vile. Me, I was pink, I guess. Not totally innocent, but almost - until you painted me blood red.

Mirrors are wonderful. A perfect way for me to give you those reminders. You're so vain, you'll not be able to give them up, will you? And every time you look at your reflection, you'll find me standing right beside you. That fatal wound that you inflicted me with will be gaping there, too; a constant reminder to you of the moment you lost control.

Will others see me? Who knows; maybe some of the more receptive will. But mostly it will be just you and me. Isn't that what you said you wanted? And me, poor gullible fool that I was, I wanted it too.

Let's face it; as far as grudges go, they don't come any bigger than the one I hold for you.

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