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Just a small start to something, please let me know what you guys think. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

They say that the good deserve to go to heaven and that the bad deserve to be sent to Hell, but what if the bad only do what they have been taught to do? Does that make them evil? Following the footsteps of those who they have watched, what if he took me because he didn't know any better? I wonder if anyone noticed in that big crowd, if they saw the way he grabbed me. I wonder if there are posters of me somewhere, aligned and hanging up on every corner. I wonder about a lot of things. How long has it been that i've been sitting inside this white room? Two days? Two months? Two years? I can't see the time. I can't see the date. I can't see anything, but this white room that torments me every day. I'm scared, I'm so scared. . . What if nobody is looking for me? What if they gave up already? NO, don't think that way! Someone is coming. . . Someone is coming, right? I can't stop replaying that day over and over inside my head, trying to understand how he managed to take me around so many people.

It was July 2nd, the day my friends and I were going to the biggest concert of the summer. I could remember doing my hair three times over, making sure it was perfect. My arms were full of bracelets and tacky arm bands, pants ripped in spots to match my black t-shirt. My friends arrived at 4:30 that evening, I kissed my mom and sister goodbye, and sprinted out the door towards the jeep that waited for me. Sitting in the back was Carla, her blonde hair resting on her shoulders in two braids. Beside her was Ashton, Carla's older brother, the resemblance of two perfect people couldn't get any similar. Then there was Matthew sitting in the driver's seat, his head leaning against the headrest looking at me. His soft, brown curls brushed up a little more than usual. Those dark, green eyes that give me goosebumps with a single glance. The same boy i've been in love with since I was 15 years old. Oh right, then there's me: Tall and skinny, pitch black hair with blue eyes, and skin as white as snow itself. You must be thinking how in the world an ugly duckling grouped herself with such perfect human beings? We grew up together, in the same city, in the same neighborhood for 10 years. Thankfully my lack of beauty does not affect the bond I have with them.

"Layla! Get a move on it!" Carla yelled from the seat.

I hop in the front seat and strap myself in, "Ready to go captain" I said with a

wink at Matthew. He shot me a side smile then pulled off from the driveway, heading towards the crowded streets of the concert. After 20 minutes of waiting anxiously in line, we finally got a spot to park. We raced each other to the entrance, passing by a large group of potheads. One who seemed to stick out in the back managed to catch my eye while passing by. He was holding a lit cigarette between his fingers which led up to the scars and tattoos on that same arm. Glancing at him I thought, "Mmm, eye candy. . ." but looks, as we know, can be entirely deceiving. After passing the inspection to get in, Carla immediately grabs Matthew's arm. It's no secret to everyone how much she likes him, including him. Ashton looks over at me and holds an arm out towards me, "Try not to mind it too much. Grab on, If I lost you there would be Hell to pay for." I smiled softly and did so, both of us walking behind Carla and Matthew.

Finally the sun was starting to set, the bright lights of the stage came on and all around us were people shouting. The sound of my heartbeat was getting louder and louder, my palms sweaty from excitement. This was the moment we were dreaming about all summer. The rattle of the drums began and a second later the music started playing in full course, my friends and i shouting the lyrics at the top of our lungs. "What a time to be alive, what a good life this is!" was the only thought that formed in my head. All of a sudden someone bumped into me hard, causing me to step backwards for a split second. Once I regained my footing I looked around and noticed people moved in front of me that quickly, I was split up from my friends. Yelling their name would be pointless with this loud music so I spotted the bathroom and pushed my way through to get to it. I look at my phone, no messages or calls. It looks like they haven't noticed that I'm not there, not even Matthew.

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