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Turn it Down!
WC 294

Jump to the music!” Hailey yelled, then jumped and leapt in perfect abandon, her hair bounced all around.

The music was a mix of hip-hop, reggae, and hard rock. The volume was so loud I feared the glass in the basement windows would shatter.

“Stop the music!” I yelled.

Hailey still kept moving. She evidently hadn’t heard me, but, then, who could hear anything with that noise? The space station could probably hear this. I was sure the neighbors would be calling the cops any second. The ceiling on the second floor would be dropping sometime soon as well.

I ran to the CD player and pulled the plug. Silence at last.

“Mom! What’re you doing?!” Hailey ran back and grabbed the plug. “Why’d you unplug me?”

“For goodness sake, Hailey! They can hear this clear down the street! I’m surprised the cops haven’t knocked on our door.”

Hailey collapsed on the floor, threw some CD cases around. Her hair hung around her face, but I could tell she was crying. I remembered how volatile the teenage years could be. You’re high as a kite one minute, down in the dumps the next. Perhaps now was the time to let her sulk a bit. Her gift could wait an hour or so. I made my way back upstairs.

Hailey appeared in an hour. “Sorry, Mom. Do you need help with anything?”

“Sure thing, kiddo. Let’s get going with dinner. Dad will be home soon. Why don’t you start some pasta.”

After dinner, I made the announcement. “Hailey, Dad and I wanted to give you a present for having such good grades last report card.”

She tore open the package and was all smiles and speechless. Cordless headphones will do that. Noiseless at last.

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