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If you wonder why you are ill it may be a deficiency in Vitamin D3. Take a lab blood test.
However you get your Vitamin D3 from fortified milk, the sunshine and/or supplements, be sure you have enough. It seems that if you are older you may need the maximum amounts as I do. From my own personal experience I was taking 2,000 IU at age 64 and it wasn't enough. After another NP visit she doubled the dose to 4,000 IU daily. The blood work showed that I only obtained 1/2 of my daily needed intake falling 1/2 short.

I'm allergic to milk products and can't take that. I'm not outdoors much except for short walks 2-3 times per week in sun usually. Sometimes it's overcast with thick clouds and not soaking up the sun like I'd like to. But, my best bet is taking my Vitamin D3 along with my other supplements daily. That way, rain or shine, with or without milk, I'm good. It is said that Vitamin D3 is as powerful as a hormone as it works throughout your entire body controlling so much which keeps you good or as good as one can be at any age. Animals too need this Vitamin except with these that don't live in the darkness.

There are 10 reasons to take this Vitamin. The ones that caught my eye are: immune system aid, resists cancer, bone strength, anti-inflammatory with weight loss and for normal blood pressure readings. All these are for my reason to take Vitamin D3 supplement 4,000 IU on a daily basis.

Please pass this around if you suspect uneven blood levels in a person that hasn't been checked in a while. It is with a simple blood test to check your levels to see if you are in need of help--a pharmacy away to get you started. I do have to remember to take all my pills everyday or as needed. With that I have a one weeks worth set up to help me along so that I don't get mixed up in my older senior age. So, I leave you by saying: When in doubt, don't leave the blood work out. And, make sure that with your next blood test to include Vitamin D3 levels too by your physician's lab slip.
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