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Rated: E · Fiction · Dark · #2201630
All about climax ghost story.
                    Ghost!                               hi , i'm Randy ,What is a ghost exactly is it something which we all believe in or in which we don't , well there's only one way to find out . I was walking down the road , I felt cold so I put on my jacket , I was still feeling cold , but I don't know why I just don't . it was a weird feeling , I could not see it but I could sense something touching me .I WAS WALKING DOWN THE BASEMENT OF A BUILDING JUST BECAUSE I THOUT IT WAS WARMER IN THERE BUT GUESS WHAT SURPRISE! IT'S COLD HERE TOO. I COULDN'T WONDER WHY WAS I FEELING COLD . I CAME OUT OF THE BASEMENT , I SAW A PERSON WALKING TOWARDS ME , I REALIZED IT WAS A PRIEST . I GREETED HIM GOOD EVENING , HE TOLD ONE WORD THAT IS "GHOST!" , I WONDERED WHAT HE MEANT BY THAT . "I ASKED HIM "WOULD YOU BE KIND ENOUGH TO EXPLAIN WHAT YOU MEAN TO SAY ." HE TOLD ME THAT HE HAD SENSED A GHOST THAT'S THE REASON HE CAME TOWARDS ME . I WAS MORE THAN SURPRISED TO HEAR THAT HE SENSED IT FROM OVER A MILE . I ASKED HIM WHAT DID HE MEAN TO SAY , HE TOLD ME THAT A GHOST WAS TRYING TO CAPTURE OVER ME . I WAS SURPRISED I ASKED " WHY WOULD A GHOST WANT TO CAPTURE OVER ME ." HE SAID THAT MY BODY WAS WEAK AND A GHOST COULD easily capture over my body . couldn't believe this , I wasn't even married yet and I'm 30 . there is no way I want to die without marrying and having two -three children . I asked him how to get rid of this ghost he told me that he needed 15,000 bucks for this .I asked why was it so costly he replied that it was not an easy process and 15,000 is nothing . people are ready to pay 1,000,000 for their lives . I agreed and I moved on towards my home . I was walking peacefully , though still feeling cold . I was walking , when I suddenly came onto this deserted road . I was scared , what else could I be feeling right now . though , I went on walking . suddenly , believe it or not , I saw a..a...a dead body hanging on a tree , I ran from there as fast as I could . I stopped for a while , panting . I took my hanging watch , this was because it was late 1937 and this kind of watch was a popular watch , wrist watches didn't exist at that time . what I noticed was that my watch was all wrong . it's needles had no fixed destination . they were going round and round and round like a merry go round . I raised the watch such that it was right in front of my face . I hit it with my hand a few times , it stopped spinning and started working normally . suddenly , I saw a reflection of a face behind me . it was red in colour with a blunt white shine at the end of it's face . it was a horrifying sight to see . I ran and Ran for my life . suddenly I was in my city back again . I couldn't sleep that night . when I woke up next morning , I grabbed the daily times and started reading and guess what did I see in the newspaper , I saw the same man dressed as a priest yesterday . under it was written in bold "man caught in fraud case . goes around fooling people , telling them that a ghost will possess them and loot money from them . beware ." I thanked god for saving me and my money . I went to my room but what I saw next was scary . I saw m......m.......myself sl...sl..sleeping! I still couldn't understand . suddenly I woke up from my bed or in other words , my body . if I was outside who was inside . suddenly I saw a figure jumping towards me , the same fraud person's face suddenly moulding into the same ghastly face I saw in the deserted forest . I realized that the priest was not actually a priest it was the phantom figure I had seen . this meant that the priest , chillness In the basement and the newspaper was just a hallucination to distract me and make me weaker so that it could make me weaker and the ghost could capture over my body . and now I'm stuck as a spirit forever and no one knows what harm will he do to everyone .
So this is my story , by the way my body is that of Randy but my spirit is different......... it is evil .
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