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A 986 word story written for the Writer's Cramp prompt, 9/27/19.

"Kevin, don't listen to her!" I tried again to get through to him, to break through the trance that seemed to have taken over my brother.

"You don't understand, Sue," he said, turning abruptly away from me.

"Explain it to me, then. Because all I see is a guy that has been completely taken in by a pretty face."

Kevin whipped round to face me, took a single step towards me. Defiance and aggression stared out from his eyes, but also a hint of hesitation. Maybe I should carry on...

"Don't go with her, Kevin. Please!" We used to be close before Rose showed up with her almost black hair and her pale skin. "You don't even know where she is taking you. You said as much yourself."

I'd pressed my point to hard. I could see from the stoniness of his expression that he had pulled down the shutters, locked me out. There was no way he was going to listen to me now; Rose had won.

The problem is there is nothing that I can point a finger to about her and say indisputedly, 'That's what is wrong with her.' She's beautiful, in a distant Gothic way. She's never tried to become friends with me, or with anyone else that I know around here; other than my brother. Him, she has certainly enchanted.

Kevin is two years younger than me, being sixteen. He's never really been interested in girls, or guys, just in hanging around with his mates when he was not tapping away at his computer. Since Rose showed up in school, it's like he has become besotted.

Don't get me wrong; he's not a stalker. She is encouraging him. It is a rare thing to find him away from her and that was why I had taken the chance to speak out. A lot of people are detached, shy, withdrawn, but not like her. When I look at her, I get the impression of someone cold and calculating, and I know without the slightest doubt that whatever she has got planned revolves in some way around my brother.

I wish my parents were here, but they are half way across the world. They've not even seen Rose, or the way my brother looks at her. It's my last chance of stopping him from going with her.

"Kevin, I'm the adult here. I'm responsible for you still, and I'm telling you now; don't go."

Every aspect of his face showed his incredulity. I'd blown it. Kevin made that abundantly clear when he spat out: "You don't even know her! None of you do. You're all just a bunch of jealous bitches."

His feet pounded up the stairs and his door slammed shut. The house was full of the kind of silence that only ever follows an argument. It can almost be touched. I'd go and make peace; no, I'd do more than that. I'd tell him to invite Rose around for pizza and I'd go out of my way to make the effort to get to know her.

Kevin didn't give me the chance. A while later, when I was outside the back of the house, he made his escape. It took me a while to discover this, for only after I'd had enough of the silence did I go up the stairs. His door remained closed, so I knocked, knocked again. When he didn't answer I called his name, loud enough so that he'd hear me even if he had his headphones on.{/linespace
Nothing! No answer. No sounds of movement. Feeling like some sort of criminal, I put my hand on the door knob and finding the door unlocked, I opened it. Just a normal room, really, is what I found. It was neither especially neat nor untidy. The bulk of the space that was left after his bed was taken up with his desk, his computer. There were piles of CD's, dvds, a couple of stacks of books that mostly looked untouched.

Everything looked remarkably normal. I'd over-reacted, that was all. At least that's what I told myself until I saw the space where his jacket normally hung. He'd done it then, gone to meet Rose.

The hours dragged by. I tried to forget it, put it out of my mind. He was just a young guy, infatuated by a stranger; Rose was just a painfully shy girl. No matter what I tried to do, the clock kept beckoning to me, insisting on telling me how late it was. Kevin had been gone for hours.

By midnight I was getting angry. He could have at least got in touch, let me know where he was, what time I could expect him back. So, I'd upset him; I was still responsible for him. Kevin owed me a phone call at the very least.

By two o'clock I was worried. I phoned his friends, I phoned mine, and reluctantly I phoned the police. Nothing! There was little else I could do but keep waiting, worrying and fuming. Why hadn't he listened to me?

At five o'clock, while the sky was still dark, a car pulled up outside. I threw open the door, ready to verbally go in for the attack only to be confronted by a police officer.

"Are your parent's home, Sue?" I shook my head, already feeling the icy cold fingers of horror reaching inside of me.

"It's Kevin, isn't it... What about that girl, Rose? Was she there?"

"No girl. He was alone. I know Kevin; I'm sorry, but it's a formality. When will your parents be back?"{/linespace

"I don't know... next week... no, the week after..." I'm eighteen, an adult; I can do it.

He looks peaceful, Kevin does, in death. I can only think that he did not suffer, but when I touch him I'm shocked. His body, his face, his hands... he is as cold as ice.

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