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sometimes, I just wanna lay down & never get up... I'm tired of living this way...
Lately, I've just been so tired
Worn out by the troubles of every day
Damaged by the hurtful things
They don't know I've heard them say
The trials that I go through
the struggles that I fight
The thoughts that haunt me in the day
And keep me up at night
It just seems so pointless
to keep moving even though
It would be so much easier
for me to just let go
Sometimes I even wonder
Why I haven't surrendered
Maybe it's because that's not
How I want to be remembered
Although I will admit
I've considered it before
How much easier It'd be
To not wake up anymore
To hear the darkness beckoning
and listen to its call
to open my arms
and just let myself fall
But then I remember
What I always seem to forget
The reason why I just
Cannot give up yet
I haven't finished my mission
What I was put here to do
I haven't changed the world
Like I've always wanted to...
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