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I wrote a second-person perspective story. I hope you like it!
You are gonna be in so much trouble. You accidentally stayed at a club overnight, because you lost track of time. As you are walking home, you realize you could just call an Uber. As you start putting in your location, you start to get an uneasy feeling. Although you are heavily hungover from the night before, you still have that strange feeling something bad is going to happen. Just as you were about to leave and go back to the club, your Uber pulls up. No turning back now you think as you climb into the black Ford Focus, still feeling uneasy. “Hello!”, your Uber driver says. “I’m Matt. Where do you need to go?” He had icy blue eyes and sandy hair, and a sharp jawline. He was wearing baggy pants and an oversized hoodie, giving him the appearance of a homeless man. “1743 Juniper Street”, you say without looking at him. “Alrighty, then! We’ll be there in about 5 minutes.” That’s weird you thought. I thought my house was farther than that. After a few minutes of silent driving, you realize that you don’t recognize anything outside. “Um, I think you’re going the wrong way.” “Oh no, sweetie. I’m going the right way,” he said. “What do you mean?” you said, worried. “We’re not going home. Sweetie. We’re going to my house.” you were terrified. What did he mean? You knew something was wrong. “Actually, can you just let me out here? I can walk the rest of the way home.” “Oh no,” he said, locking the car doors. “We’re almost there, you can’t leave now.” You started to panic. “Let me out!!!” you screamed. He ignored you. After a few minutes of driving, you pulled into an abandoned parking lot. “We’re here,” he said with a singsong voice. He pulled you out of the car, though it was hard for him since you were thrashing around. He finally threw you on the ground, pulling out a knife. “NO!” you screamed, trying to roll away. He kicked you in the face and sunk the knife into your chest. At first, it felt like he punched you. Then you felt yourself losing blood. “No…,” you said as you closed your eyes for the last time.
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