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Another bright idea for writing.
         Catching something that interfered with a relationship that was good, but not understanding why it was beginning to grow apart, channels of time will come at a distance.

         Creating a high wired fence that you can't climb over, channels of time creates the desire to invent certain steps, putting you in a situation to develop a threshold of momentous memories

         Pictures of images that help heal the soul, channels of time builds pathways to a new life of meaning. Indicating a screening for a highlight of inspirational goings on, is an option of where you want to go in life, and also of where you've been.

         When Noah built the ark, taking you back to biblical days, channels of time takes you to an adventurous time of enjoyment, filled with safety features that protect you.

         Retaking a picture of what it was you were hiding, channels of time takes notes of the times that you thought you would get away with something, but you didn't.

         Building ladders that climb to the sky, channels of time are filled with sacks of dreams made to reflect on your ideas. Now that you're ready to pursue them, you are on your way to make them a reality.

         Differentiating the real thing from false characters that tend to instigate trouble, channels of time tries to do away from the craze that leaves you in a fog like daze, surrounding you with that certain haze.

         Making you want to stop on a dime, channels of time has a certain chime that has to rhyme with the spice called thyme

         With a devotion so strong, situations can sparkle a notion that we should be able to get along.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Wednesday, September 25, 2019 .

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