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Chapter 2!

Chapter 2

It's dark, so very dark outside. No need to panic though, right? There's billions of people here and there's no way something bad could happen. I'm scaring myself for no reason. Breathe in, Breathe out. I push open the door of the women's restroom, the door closing behind me with a loud creak to it. I think to myself, "Hmm. . .horror movie chills." Looking at myself in the mirror, I'm astonished. My hair is messy from the heat, makeup smeared slightly, but at least my outfit is still in tack. I want to break it, I want the shards of this mirror to fall on the ground and I never want to see myself again. How I wish to be beautiful. . . Just then the door opens in a fast manner, four women rushing in. They barged in so quickly that they didn't even notice me slip by them. I begin attempting to fix my hair while slightly eavesdropping on their conversation. The lady in dark red whips out ruby red lipstick and hands it to her friend dressed in all black. The lady in blue is crying, yet the way they are trying to comfort her isn't comforting at all.

"Oh honey! He is not worth it. " said the third woman with long blonde hair.

A perky, high pitched voice said, "I heard he's never accepted any girl, maybe he's. . . GAY."

The woman, dressed in all pink, emphasized the word "gay" as if it was strange for someone to have that title. The woman in blue stops crying, turning to look at me abruptly. Then I have all their eyes and attention on me, looking as if they are ready to pounce on me and have me for dinner. I can feel the air getting thicker so I darted out the restroom, my face feeling a little flushed. As soon as I'm outside again, I bumped into a man who seems oddly familiar. It was him, the only other person besides Matthew who has ever caught my eye. He smelled of cigarettes and something sweet, but I felt like I could drown in this smell.

I started to speak, "I'm sorry, I opened the door too fast. Are you okay?"

He chuckled softly and scratched the back of his head, " I'm supposed to ask you that."

His voice wasn't raspy like I imagined, instead it was almost feminine for a man. My eyes met his for a split second, but it felt as if he was staring into my soul. Why could I sense sadness in his eyes, or maybe it was loneliness? Something about this man captivates me in a way that I cannot even understand. He pulls out a cigarette and turns to look at me, "You smoke?" I hesitated. "I don't, I'm sorry." His smile disappeared as he let out a puff of smoke in the other direction. We stood in silence for a moment until finally he spoke one last time before walking away, "Don't apologize for something like that. There's nothing wrong with saying no." I watched him walk away into the distance, the crowd slowly beginning to cover him up like he never existed at all. I wanted more of him, I wanted to let my eyes study his features more, and I wanted to hear the way he would say my name. Regaining my senses, I check my phone and see that there is still no messages from my friends. "You've got to me joking me" is what I want to scream, but I let out a long sigh instead. I begin texting Carla's number, "Hey I got separated from you guys so I'm standing in the back until everything is over. Meet me here once you see this xoxo" I stuff my phone in my back pocket again and walk away from the bathroom, heading towards a slightly empty patch of grass. Coming up on my left was what looked like an exit way since nobody was crowding around it. Just after passing the exit way, I felt something grab my arm forcefully. I whipped myself around to the person, looking in shock. "You mind directing me towards the bathroom?" I relaxed my body and pointed in a direction behind me, "Head back towards that way and its on the right. You'll know by the smell." He laughed and ran off that way, I watched him the entire way trying to calm myself down.

When I turned back around to continue the way I was heading, a large man stood in front of me. Don't get me wrong, I'm tall to be a female. 5'7" tall, but this man. . this man had to be well over 6'3". He gave me a smile that shot chills up my spine, I dashed around him but he grabbed my arms from behind. I was about to scream for someone to help me when that familiar face showed up in front of me again. I was saved! He would surely help me, but for some reason his eyes were cold. He showed no facial expression and he made no sound as he stuffed a t-shirt into my mouth. The large man in size was blocking any view of me, any chance of anyone spotting me. Tears began streaming down my face and I shook my head back and forth frantically. He caressed my cheek and made a "Shhh" sound towards me before whispering the words, "I promise I'll take care of you." And just like that I disappeared where nobody would ever find me. . .

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