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by Wagah
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Failure is destructive especially because we fail to understand it. This is a glimpse.
I think I have become familiar with failure. I fear it no more. I no longer stress because a failed. When I fall, I stand up, wipe the dust off myself and continue with the journey, after all, what is it that keeps me going apart from the mistakes I have made?
I try to imagine if my life turned out as the perfect story I always had in my mind. I probably would be dead by now or would be too overwhelmed to live. If all the businesses I had in mind would have boomed all at once and become a full success; how would I manage them, to make sure they do not go low? Would the desire and enthusiasm to keep them high overwhelm me, and give me sleepless nights? Would I trust anyone with the Cybercafe in my mind? Would I let anyone control the electronics sales I want to start? Will anyone be ready to learn how to do beadwork, and work hard for my African beads company? What about being a degree student, who would be that for me? I also need to look after my family, won't I be too busy for them? The relationships I had wanted to start, would they be still on?
I need answers, hey my mind, I need answers. You have pained and cried, and complained. I have been a victim of torture, just because you couldn't tolerate things not working out. Did you think of how much it would have cost me emotionally, spiritually, socially, to have all the things you have wanted? See how you destroyed my definition of happiness.
Yes, I have trusted friends and they failed me. I have had nobody else to turn to, but myself, yes, the 'forever' helpless me. I have had a family to look up to, and they too failed to see any future in me, and as a result had no obligation to sail with me, dropping me, like I'm hot 😊.
When they did that, you submitted to their opinions, and as my dreams were dead in them, you almost killed them in me too. Hold on baby, we still have time, not to let go of the dreams we have always valued and worked hard towards, but to let go of the opinions and reactions that have drained us of energy, and the desire to go forth. Let us soldier on, though we have failed in all directions, but agree with me that, if we treat these failures as steps, the more we fail, the higher we rise. Do not stop now, we still have it: the vision, the energy, the time, the US. We are going there, and only us not cooperating can hinder us. Remember, Steve Biko once said, that 'the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor, is the mind of the oppressed.' Never shall I leave you in the hands of my oppressors, NEVER.

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