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A 217 word story written for Round 48 of the PersonITfication Contest, September 2019.
A New Look

You owe me!

I'm surprised, no, make that shocked, that you'd let this happen to me. I'm the nearest you have to a confidant, after all. I know who your friends are, and who you no longer talk to. And, as far as making plans, there's never been anyone at your back like me!

I know. Accidents will happen, but it still shattered my faith a little bit.

On the plus side, I still work. No loss of function at all and that is some kind of miracle in itself. You don't need to replace me. Instead you can simply give me a whole new look!

A new outer shell, that's what I need, and I can be as good as new.

Instead of that rather dull dark red, you could make me smoothly black. Think of how sleek my lines would look, black always has a slimming effect. Or blue! That would be cool, too. Which do you think would suit me more?

And do you know what else you could do? To compliment my new look, how about a brand new ringtone!

You don't need another phone. They'll try to seduce you with all of their charms; their added features that you'll never use. Don't look at them, just make me as good as new!

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