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by JM Jr.
Rated: E · Script/Play · Young Adult · #2201824
Story of three friends growing into young adults. Written through the eyes of a musician.
Pan around to find Joe sitting on a stool with his acoustic guitar strumming a song. Interrupted by the camera he pauses (3 sec.) (tilts his head) Looks at the camera, opens his mouth and this is what comes out. "What's up?" "I'm Joe, just the average (chuckles and waits) it's a joke, just the average Joe." " Anyway I'm glad you stopped by." "I've been working on this project. Let me explain, When I hear music I envision movie scenes. Then I rearrange them into a story. I'm working on one in my head now, can I bounce it off you? That is if you have time? Good have a seat, pull up a chair". "Ok ready, you comfortable? good." "It starts with Cali, her best friends Shannon and Devon. She's feeling a little lost and confused about her life..... well here let me show you." (fade out)

Scene 1

(fade in) thru the woods to an abandoned building were Cali and her 2 best friends Shannon and Devon are hanging out. Cali in the foreground looking into the sky with her friends in the background.......

Cali: Are you guys happy?
(Shannon and Devon look at each other and then at Cali.)

Shan: Ya, your not?

Cali: I don't know..... Did you ever wonder what's outside this town we call home?

Dev: Ya, do you watch the news! Nothing out there but bad news.

Shan: What's up Cal? (walks up behind her) What are you thinking?

Cali: I don't know. I feel like, like there's gotta be more to life then what's here? Working the same job since high school. Driving the same shitty car. Going to sleep in the same room and bed. Doing the same shit every day! (pause) I think that’s it. (turns to face Shan) I need to go find myself, my place in life, (puts her hands on Shan shoulders and gives a little shake) I need to go and I need to do it soon before I change my mind! (glances at Dev then turns and walks away)
(Close-up of Shannon and Devon watching her walk away...... Devon turns to Shannon)

Dev: You had to ask her what she was thinking?

**(cut to Joe on his stool)
Joe: Well, she seems to be on a mission. I feel a solo road trip coming up, what about you? Now that a few days past lets find out.........(cut to Shan helping Cali loading her car)

Scene 2

Shan: Are you sure about this Cal? Were ya gonna go?

Cali: I don't know. It doesn’t matter as long as I'm on the road and I'm looking for my place in this world.

Shan: Dev's having a hard time with this you know. You guys break up and now this!

Cali: I know...... I think that's part of this whole thing. We've known each other since we were born. We are together all the time. We do everything together and experienced a lot of firsts together, including sex. (speaking somberly starting to cry) I feel like I've hurt him in a big way, and maybe myself to. I don't know Shan, all I know is I have to do this.

Shan: (hugs Cali and both crying) I know...(over Cali's shoulder Shannon sees Devon walking up the street) Dev's coming, be easy on him..........and on yourself. (they wipe their tears and Cali turns and walks to meet Dev.)

Cali: Hi Dev.

Dev: Hey Cal.
(moment of silence)

Dev: (takes Cali's 2 hands in his) Cal, I know you have to do this. I know you need to find yourself. (he pulls her close and holds her in his arms) I want you to know my feelings for you and us haven't changed. I feel this is all happening because I opened up and gave my heart to you by saying I love you. (both tearing up) (Starts singing Jason Mraz-I won't give up)( they kiss and hug) if you find your way back home I'll be here, patiently waiting. (Cali teary eyed turns and walks to Shan)

Shan: You Ok?

Cali: Ya....

Shan: You better text and stay in touch. (they hug and kiss)
(Pull back as Cali walks around and waves as she gets in the car. 3/4 shot of Shannon and Devon as they gesture and mouth their good byes.)

**(cut to Joe on his stool)
Joe: Well she's on her way. (play something) Now several days pass. The texts that were once happening every hour between Cali and Shannon, are down to once a day. Shannon is going on with her life and Devon, well Devon's heart is breaking more and more with each day that passes.

Scene 3

(fade in with split screen of Shannon and Devon talking to each other on the phone - Devon in his room holding/looking at a pic of Cali/him. Shannon in her room brushing her hair in a mirror surrounded by pictures of the three of them.)

Shan: Come on Dev, come with me to the mall?

Dev: I don't feel like it.

Shan: Dev you have to stop feeling how your feeling.

Dev: And how's that?

Shan: I don't know Dev, all I know is we'll get threw this, together, you'll see.

Dev: I can't do this, I miss her so much Shan. I don't know if I'll make it threw.

Shan: Everything will work out Dev. I gotta go, sure you don't want to come.

Dev: No I'm just gonna hang here.

Shan: Ok, call me later?

Dev: Ok bye
Devon lays on his bed and sings "Heart of me" by Green River Ordinance Fade from him singing to memories of him and Cali loosing their virginity to one and other and experiencing love for the first time together. Song ends.

**(cut to Joe)
Poor Devon, his heart is crumbling. Cali's been on the road a few weeks now and it's given her plenty of time to think about things. Especially about her and Devon. Let's get back and see were she is.

Scene 4

(fade in) Cali pulling into a gas station and parks. As she buys a soda from the outside soda machine she notices a young man watching her, they exchange glances and smiles. (cut to Cali pulling away, from over the back shoulder of the young man.) He pics up his backpack, guitar and starts walking in the direction Cali went. (cut to Cali broken down and looking under her hood a couple miles down the road.)

Cali: Shit, shit, and more shit. Dam this isn't happening! (young man walks up and startles her.)

Cali: Shit you scared me.

Kurt: Sorry. Didn't mean to. I'm Kurt.

Cali: I'm Cali. (They shake hands and flirtatious looks.)

Kurt: What seems to be the problem?

Cali: I don't know it just stopped running.....

Kurt: Let me take a look maybe I can get you back on the road. (Looks around under the hood and notices a coil wire disconnected and plugs it back in.)

Kurt: Try that.

Cali walks over gets in and it starts. She gets out to thank him and he's walked 50 yards up the road. Cali drives up in front of him and gets out of the car as he walks up to her.

Cali: Couldn't wait for me to thank you, you must be in a hurry?

Kurt: I don't help for the thanks. I help cause I can. Besides one day I may need help.

Cali: Well you look like you can use some help.

Kurt: Me? Help? Oh no I'm doing fine... I don't need help.

Cali: Sure ya can't use a ride? I Just want to help, cause I can.

Kurt: We're you going?

Cali: I Don't know.....

Kurt: You ever been there?

Cali: No......(smiling)

Kurt: (thinking a moment and looking down a long empty road) Sure, I'm heading there myself.
(Kurt gets in.)

Cali: So were're ya going?

Kurt: I don't know......

Cali: You ever been there?

Kurt: Yes and no....

Cali: How does that work, yes and no?

Kurt: At the end of the day I can say yes I was there today and no I haven't been until tomorrow.

Cali: How long have you been on the road?

Kurt: Since I got back from Iraq 3 months ago.

Cali: Why not go home?

Kurt: Not ready for all that happy your home bullshit. Not while all the friends I made over there are still fighting and dying. (picking up his guitar) Just wouldn't feel right. For now the road is my home. (starts playing and singing to Phillip Phillips-Home) (Fade out)

**(cut to Joe)
Joe: Now you know she has to text Shannon and let her know she found a road bro. (show the text being typed while Joe plays something) It reads: Hey Shan, I'm still alive. Met this guy Kurt. I'm giving him a ride. Don't know for how long. I'll Keep in touch and let you know how things go.

Scene 5

(Fade in) Cali and Kurt are parked on the side of the road sitting on the car or grass, taking a brake from driving. Cali just finishes texting Shannon about picking up Kurt.

Kurt: So what made you hit the road?

Cali: I'm looking for my place in life. I thought I might find it out here.

Kurt: Out here...... out here is a big place and it's not always nice. Being on the road isn't for everyone, it's ruff and it gets real lonely some times.

Cali: I'm finding that out.

Kurt: (looking @ a bus schedule) There's a bus stop about 5 miles up the road, u can drop me there.

Cali: Where u going?

Kurt: I think I'll head towards Canada. Always wanted to go there.

(Cut to Shan and Dev in a diner. Devon is quiet and looking depressed, playing with his food.)

Shan: Dev you have to get out of this depression your in and think positive.

Dev: I can't Shan, she's all I think about. I know I love her, I just didn't realize how much until she left. When I see her in my dreams, I wake up excited, only to find she's not here.

Shan: I miss her a lot to Dev.

Dev: I know I have to let her go, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to go look for her.

Shan: I'll be back, I gotta go to the bathroom.
(The text Cali sent about Kurt comes through and Devon sees it. He gets up to leave as Shannon returns.)

Shan: Where u going?

Dev: I gotta go.........(he rushes out)

(Just the way you are by Bruno Mars starts playing as Devon leaves)
(Shannon sits back down and picks up her phone and sees the text. Looks back towards Devon with a look of wonder on her face.)

(cut to Cali and Kurt driving and pulling up to the bus stop) Cali turns down the radio which is playing "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars.

Cali: Here we are.

Kurt: This is my stop. Thanks for the lift.

Cali: Your welcome. I'm glad we met.

Kurt: Me to. (gets out of the car and looks through the window) I Hope you find what your looking for Cali. Ya no sometimes, things happen in a persons life that alter their path to finding their place. Sometimes their place is were it all began. At home. In fact you look a little home sick?

Cali: It shows that much, huh?

Kurt: (shakes his head yes and backs away from the car and waves good bye as Cali pulls away)

**(cut to Joe)
A lot has happened so far and everyone has a lot of feelings and emotions that they're dealing with. It makes you wonder how everyone's going to deal with them.

Scene 6

(Cut to Devon at their hangout in the woods) (Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. is playing) He's sitting on can with his head in his hands. He lifts his head and looks at a big thick tree branch. (shoot and focus on the tree branch, then all of a sudden a rope is throne over it.) He picks up the can he was sitting on and positions it under the rope. He checks his phone hoping to see something from Cali but, there's nothing. He stands on the can and ties the rope to the branch, then wraps the rope around his neck. Standing on the can he checks his phone one last time, still nothing. The song ends.

(Cut in to Cali's hand tuning in the radio to) "Realize" by Colbie Caillat
(interior shots of her in the car) Cali sings Realize while driving and half way through the song she realizes were she needs to be, and that’s home with Devon. She turns the car around and heads home. Cali turns down the radio and dials Shannon.

Cali: (teary eyed) Come on pick up, pick up, where are you? (cut to roadside shot of her driving by)
(cut to Shannon in her room answering her phone)

Shan: Hey Cali, what's up?

Cali: Shan, I found what I was looking for! I realized, it was there the whole time, right in front of me.

Shan: What's that Cal.

Cali: Home! That's my place in life. It's Dev, I do truly love him. It's you, your my best friend in the whole world. I'm coming home Shan. I'm coming Home!!!!

Shan: That's great Cal! Dev's gonna be so happy.

Cali: Don't tell Dev. I want it to be a surprise!

Shan: Ok. He's been so depressed lately Cal. I can't wait to see you. I love you.

Cali: I love you to Shan. I'll be home in a few days.

(Cali turns up the radio and "Home" by Daughtry is playing and she sings it out loud as she drives home. A third of the way through the song fade to Shannon dialing Devon's number on her phone as the music fades lower)

Shan: Come on Dev pick up! I haven't heard from you in days (looking at her phone) and that's not like you.

Shan: I'm worried about him. I have to go look for him.
(cut to Shannon walking through the woods towards their hangout looking for Devon.)

Shan: (looking down at were she is walking and calling Dev) I Can't wait to see the look on his face when he see's her. He's gonna be so excited. (she looks up from about 100 feet away and stops dead in her tracks to see Devon hanging)

(cut to Devon hanging in the woods. His phone is still in his hand, as it's ringing/vibrating it causes it to slip from his hand to the ground in slow motion. Close up of his phone on the ground showing Shannon's number.) (cut back to Shannon screaming.)

Shan: (screams) NO DEVON! NO! (she runs frantically and grabs him and tries to lift him) (Fade out)

**(cut to Joe)
(shaking his head side to side) Wow that wasn't the ending I was expecting! Maybe that isn't the end. Let's continue and see if there's more to this story.

Scene 7

(cut to Cali sitting at Devon's grave from over her back shoulder. She starts singing "I never told You" by Colbie Caillat as you pan around her from the chest up. Ending the song as her hands are seen cleaning off and placing some flowers on Devons grave. (close up of her looking over her back shoulder to see Shannon standing a few yards behind her.) (Shannon walks toward and up to her.) (Close up of Shannon's hands out and Cali placing hers in Shannon's as Shannon helps her up from the ground.) (side head shot of them standing face to face both with tears, then they hug) (cut to a scenic side shot of them hugging and the headstone, exposing the big baby bump Cali has because she is pregnant with Devon's child.) (close up of them wiping each others tears) (pan down as they both place their hands on Cali's belly) (cut to a close up of them as they share smiles.) (pull back start playing "Brighter Than the Sun" by Colbie Caillat as they walk from the grave with arms around each other.)

**(fade to Joe) leaning on his guitar
Thanks for taking the time to see how I envision music. Till next time, Ride in Peace.

(Fade to black and let the song and credits finish.)
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