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by Paul
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Plans don’t always go as planned.
“Hi, I’m Ian, looks like we’ll be seat-mates for this flight. What’s your name.”


“Your name is Mom?”

“I’m mom. It’s okay, sweetheart. Hi, I’m Petra and this is my 5 year old, Willow. Nice to meet you. Say hi, Willow.”

“Hi, Mr. Ian.

“Very good, Willow, but you can call me Ian, I don’t think we need the mister.”

“Thank you Mr. . . Ian.”

“You’re welcome, Willow. Have you ever been on a plane before?”


“Well, they’re very safe, sweetheart, you don’t have to be scared.”

“I’m not a scardycat!”

“Great. I’ve been working hard and I’m very tired, is it okay if I sleep? I promise I won’t snore too loud.”


“Yes, Ian, we‘ll try to be quiet, I’ll put her in my lap and read to her.”

“I’m not after silence, just kind of low volume.”

“We’ll try to hold it down, right willow?”

“Yes mommy. And mr... Ian.”

“Thank you, Willow. Thank you too mom. Petra. She’s a doll. Okay, Thanks. See you in a couple hours.”
“What the hell was that? Jesus, Petra, it felt like we hit a big rock.”

“I don’t know, but it was scary. Right Willow?”

“Yes mommy. I’m really scared.”

“You’d better get back in your seat Willow, and both of you buckle up. It’s much safer that way. Here, hold my hand too then your mom and I will protect you.”


“Yes, Willow, hold Ian’s hand too, he’s a very nice man and will help you.”


“This is the captain speaking. The seat belt sign is on, please buckle in and put everything under the seat in front of you. We have an emergency. We’re being diverted to Tulsa International where emergency crews are waiting. Please follow the flight attendants instructions. About that right wheel not—”

“I’d rather hold her in my lap.”

“If we stop quickly, Petra, the deceleration could hit ten to fifteen G’s and she’d weigh 400 pounds or more, I don’t think you could hold her. I don’t think I could either, she’s safer in a seat.”

“Okay. What if we hit the water?”


“Help me, Ian, please.”

“Sweetheart, there’s no water around Tulsa. It’ll be the airport with a lot of people around to help. What’s your favorite cartoon? Think of it while—“

“I have Her favorite, Winnie the Pooh.”

“I’ve always liked him, he’s a Taoist, like me. I’ll read it for you Willow, is that okay?”

“Yes Mr. Ian.”

“Pooh says, ‘Good morning Christopher Robin.” He’s swinging his arms, Christopher says, ‘What are you doing?’ Then Pooh says, ‘My stoutness exercise,’ do you know what stoutness is?”


“Strong muscles.”


“Now Christoph—“

“Ian, if we make it I want to buy you dinner. Maybe—“

“We’ll make it, Petra, and Willow. I have an incentive now.”

“I want to hold your hand too, Ian.”

“Hold mine then Willow can hold both.”

“We’re going so fast and the ground’s so Close... OHH, GOD, IAN, IT’S—“
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