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This high school football player is the best you’ll ever see.
         It was a normal day like any other at South Creek High School. There was a big football game that day and star football player, Benny Brian was excited as ever. It was a big game against their rival, Silver Oak High.
Benny has been excited for this game since the start of the season. Both teams are undefeated and Benny knows it will be a tough game. But all day his friends were patting him on the back and giving him luck. The day was long but soon, the night that the South Creek High Wildcats have been waiting for would finally come.

         It was 6:30 PM. The Wildcats are getting hyped for the game in the locker room, but no one is more hyped than Benny. He put on his lucky undershirt and his lucky wristband and he was all set to go. At 7:00 the game begins. The room get quiet. Coach Dave walks in and begins his pregame speech.
“Alright. This team we are up against is great. But we are greater. Who cares about what people say. Who cares about what your friends have said. What matters is that we are a team, and teammates are there for each other. So let’s get out there and give it our all! Let’s show them who we are and who they are messing with! Let’s go out there and play some football!”
The Wildcats got hyped and ran out of the locker room with the most energy and enthusiasm anybody has ever seen. And at 7:00, the game was underway.

         It was a tough game. It was back and forth with the silver Creek High River Dogs scoring first. At halftime, the score was 17-14 River Dogs. But the Wildcats knew that they could play even better than how they were in the first half.

         Second half comes around and the game was back and forth all night long. But it came down to its final moments. It was 27-26 River Dogs. It was the Wildcat’s ball at the 21 yard line. 4th down with 47 seconds left on the clock. The Wildcats call a timeout. Coach Dave calls out his star kicker, Benny Brian.
“Alright Benny. This is your time. Nobody can take this time away from you. Just go out there and do your thing. Put the ball through the uprights. Win this game for us.”
“Yes sir”
Benny got out on the field and lined up for the kick. He got set and waited for the ball to be snapped. The crowd was silent. The ball was snapped. Benny began his kick. He kicked and followed through. Everybody watched the ball as it sailed. It sailed no where near the uprights and the Wildcats lost.
“What the heck Benny?! I thought you said you can kick?!”
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