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by JM Jr.
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A letter of Thanks to the United States Military
You may view yourself as individual branches of service. Army, Navy, Air force, Marines and Coast Guard. When you come together and unite as one you are the Greatest Military in the world. The military of The United States of America.
On 9/11 I watched as fighter jets scrambled through the sky above my neighborhood. It was a sight I thought I'd never see. It dawned on me that you were up there ready to do whatever was necessary to protect your citizens and your home land. I was thankful that you were. Now you fight to protect us 24/7 by land, sea, and air.
Since that day, one doesn't pass that I don't think of and thank the men and women of our military in my own silent thoughts because of the life I lead.

Thank You....
For learning, living and breathing a way of life only you can. We have never met personally but I know our paths cross everyday. I am reminded daily of the sacrifices made by you, the greatest military in the world. Here's why, I compare the similarities in our lives.

I have free time, you imagine having R&R.
I see my family every day, you close your eyes to envision yours.
I order things, you carry out orders.
I eat home cooking, you eat rations.
I have a home, you have the barracks.
I sleep in a bed, you sleep on a bunk, cot or ground.
I have a job, you have a mission.
I joke with co-workers, you carry yours to safer ground.
I hold my wife at night, you hold your weapon.

See, I am reminded daily of the sacrifices made by you, the United States Military, the greatest military in the world.
You make it possible for me to wake every day safe, in a free country. You make it possible for me to enjoy time with my family, when you spend so much time away from yours. You make it possible for me to laugh and have good times with friends while you leave yours behind. You made it possible for me to see my children and grandchildren's faces experience things for the first time. You made it possible for me to watch them grow. I hope you don't or haven't missed to much of yours.

I can only in my mind imagine a world living together in peace and harmony. Until that day happens you will always be needed.
You've given up and offered so much, to give me the life I have and all I have to offer and give to you in return is a Thank You.

May my god bless you and the United States of America.
You are and always will be, greatly and honorably appreciated.
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