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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2202023
Bayonetta's dessert turns out to be more than she bargained for. (Gift for teniko)
(This story contains vore, and its characters belong to their respective owners. If vore makes you uncomfortable, please do not read any further.)

The sun rose upon the familiar battlefield of the Super Smash Bros world. Today's match was a one-on-one stock battle between Dark Pit, the mirror-born clone of Kid Icarus's main hero, and Bayonetta, the angel-hunting umbra witch. Both fighters made their entrances onto the main platform, the former brandishing his Silver Bow, and the latter cockily polishing her twin guns. It didn't take very long for the announcer's voice to echo throughout the arena.


And just like that, the battle began. Dark Pit made the first move, charging forward with his Electroshock Arm - an action that turned out to be a mistake when Bayonetta shielded herself from the blow. She exploited the black-winged angel's opening and grabbed him by the neck with her umbra magic. Pummeling her opponent repeatedly, Bayonetta then threw him forward and followed up with two aerial pistol whips. What came next, however, was a surprise even to the witch.

A trace of umbra power retained its hold on Dark Pit, slamming him into the ground thrice before launching the unprepared angel off the platform and into the blast zone for a KO. Bayonetta and the audience looked on with confusion, while in the announcer's station, Master Hand was flipping through the pages of a rulebook to check for any evidence of foul play. Finding no such violations, he and his lefty counterpart, Crazy Hand, decided the verdict of the match.

"GAME! The winner is...Bayonetta!"

Bayonetta still couldn't believe she'd won so easily. But something still didn't seem right. How did her umbra magic act on its own? And why didn't Dark Pit respawn right away?

The angel in question eventually awoke in a familiar room. It looked a lot like the fighters' lounge, although everything looked much bigger than it had any right to be. Dark Pit attempted to rub his aching head, quickly realizing that he was unable to move or feel his limbs! What the heck was going on here?

Still befuddled about her abrupt victory, Bayonetta trotted into the lounge. "Perhaps something sweet will get my mind off of all this..." The umbra witch mused as she spotted an unfamiliar item on the dining table. "Hmm...did Peach bake this cake to celebrate my victory? Perhaps she wouldn't mind if I were to help myself..."

Dark Pit felt his heart almost stop. HE WAS CAKE!! He attempted to scream up to Bayonetta; alas, with no mouth, she would never hear him. Fetching a knife and fork from a nearby drawer, Bayonetta sliced up the cake into eight pieces and began to indulge herself in its flavor. With each piece of cake scooped up into the witch's mouth, Dark Pit felt a piece of himself get chewed up by her perfect teeth and coated in saliva before it was swallowed down her throat and into the depths of her digestive tract. It gradually became more and more difficult for the fallen angel to think as more of his cake body disappeared into his opponent's stomach. Once the entirely of him had been devoured, Dark Pit blacked out.


Some time later, Dark Pit awoke to find himself in relative darkness. Was he truly dead? Did his competitor unknowingly snuff out his life? The angel's question was answered when he felt something - most likely a hand - stroking him. "Perhaps I shouldn't have eaten that whole cake..." That was Bayonetta's voice. "Sweets tend to go right to my ass!"

The realization hit Dark Pit like a truck. His consciousness had become bound to Bayonetta's rear end! Despite his best efforts to squirm around, the angel's efforts merely amounted to tiny vibrations in the flesh of the witch's butt cheeks. She smothered it out with a playful slap and exited the lounge, completely unaware of her sentient contribution.
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