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The rabbit hole of "what ifs"
Down the "What If" Rabbit Hole

What If there is more significance to the chess set than otherwise stated?

What If all the stories told in bible classes were, not necessarily wrong, but not completely truthful either?

What If history and legend were both right?

What If the tale we learned of three and the legend of the fourth should be part of the same story? What if that legend really was true? What if there were more? Why hide that information? For what purpose, hide it? Who benefits from the hiding?

What If someone did discover the truth and documented the "evidence"?

What If there were people who did uncover the "evidence" and the Illuminated Story as well and stole both without the organization hiding it realizing it was gone?

The rabbit hole of "what if", such a delightful and confounding path to wander. Just like those earliest searchers, I stumbled over a bit of information researching some religious histories and immediately all the circuits on the old brain board lit up.

The question I hear repeated on the History Channel over and over again is, "What if what we all were taught in school is wrong?" What if we really have not been getting the whole story?

I have been working on a story for about a year now and it wasn't I got an to a chapter exercise about a revelation of a mystery, that I actually found what I was looking for. The real reason why my mystery object was of such importance. It came out in the writing of the chapter and I swear, I have no idea where the story line came from. It just sort of spilled out in the writing. Freaked me out big time, but was an intriguing tidbit nonetheless.

I am not sure where the new arc is going to take me. Not even sure how to start rewriting, but that is not what is bothering me. What if I ignore what my muse has so clearly put in my path? What if ignoring her pisses her off? That "What If"scares me the most.
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