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Story about the mystery behind the call of death and a girl

By Coco_Twinkle

A beautiful village on the river bank was a filled with peaceful days and happy people helping each other and all 2600 people lived like a single family. On another peaceful day in the village, Hana visits her grandmother for her summer vacation. Hana was a very kind lady known for her smartness. As a kid Hana solved a mystery of her friend's lost puppy. She enjoyed the case solving that she grew interest in mystery solving, she dreamt to be a great detective since the day.

When Hana visits her grandmother everytime, she gets lots of presents for her village friends and granny. She goes to every of her friend's house to give the presents. Evening goes by, Hana returns her grandmother house. Grandmother has cooked sweets and Hana's favourite food. Hana's eyes filled with joy hugs her granny and run's towards the dining table to devour the food like a hungry little puppy.Â

As the time passes, clock ticks at 10 am. Hana remember that she forgot to give a call for her parents in the city, waiting for her call whole day. Hana goes near the antique grey colored phone. Granny cries from a room nearby " Hana don't go near the phone past 12am". Hana nodding her head reply " yes granny!". Hana dials her parents number, she hears the worried voice from the otherside of the call cries "Hello! Hanna". Hanna calmly explains her busy day, the worried voice calms down, gradually. Hana talks till 11:58 pm.Â

As Hana is on the call she sees that granny looks at the clock and Hana's face. As the clock ticks on 11:59 Hana says bye for her parents and cuts the call.Â

 She walks away from the phone towards and granny and talks about her day. She explains about her visits to her friends houses with a excited voice and bright eyes. She falls asleep on granny's laps. Granny moves her on the bed covering her with blanket walks out of the room quietly.

Morning sun arrives in no time. Granny always a early bird wakes up before the sun and finishes off all the chores. She walks to Hana and wakes her by gently brushing on her long black hair calls "Hana, my baby! Wake up!". Hana slowly rubbing her eyes says in a sleepy voice "Good morning granny!". She walks towards the well to get freshes as she walks in granny gets her breakfast ready on the table. She walks towards the table with a delight " granny food tastes the best!" Saying.Â

Hana goes out to meet her friends saying bye to her granny. She walks towards the center of the village where she meets her two friends Heena, a bright girl with pretty face and Meena, a scared girl always looking pale. Hana Heena and Meena sits near the school gate in the center of village and shares their stories during Hana's absence in the village.Â

As the conversation goes Heena says " every six days a person dies taking the call" but she stops there without continuing the topic looking at Meena's face. Heena was not understand the situation but with the curiosity look on the face she reads the mood and tries to change the topic " so, did you like my gifts?", Meena forces a smile and says " yea, they were so lovely. Thank you for the girls! " Heena goes with her reply and nods her head with a pleased smile towards Hana.Â

They say bye to each other as the time reaches 2 pm. Returning their homes, Meena leaves first, while Heena and Hana walks together to home. Hana was not able to hold her curiosity anymore asks about their previous conversation "Heena, you were saying that every six days a person dies in the village?" Heena with a sad voice " Meena lost her dad last month. It was a call which killed him" continues "At 12 if you take the call you die. They say it's the call from the grim reaper". They reach Heena's house and hugs eachother saying bye. Hana leaves to her home.Â

Hana reaching her home calls "Granny, I heard from Heena that a person dies every six days by taking call. What is that?". Granny shoced by hana's words, replies " It's happening since a year. Every six days a person dies if he takes the call at 12 am. They say it's grim reaper, some say it's ghost. Reason is unknown but everyone does in the same way" she stops and says "Hana leave that matter. Just stay away from the phone at 12 and after in midnight. Now come lets have lunch the food's getting cold" Hana doesn't want to worry her granny anymore, she walks to table and have lunch with her granny.Â

Hana spends her evening time with her granny saying stories from her college and her life in city. They have dinner together. She calls her parents talk for an hour. Saying goodnight to her granny, walks into her room. She sits on her bed thinking about the mystery of the death call. She decide's to solve the mystery. Thinking about what to do first to solve the mystery she falls asleep.

Morning arrives. Hana without waiting for her granny to wake her_ she gets up at 6am_ wash up helps her granny with small chores. They have breakfast together as usual. Hana having her breakfast hurriedly finishes it and leaves house saying bye to granny.Â

Hana meets Heena and they talk about the mystery, saying her decision to solve the mystery Hana asks Heena to join with her. Heena excitedly " so, what are we gonna do now at first to solve the mystery!!" Heena says " let's see! Who all are dead I want the information about them. May be there must be some link to each death?".

Heena briefs about the persons died_ and their history. After Heena's explanation for an hour Hana concludes "they are all from the same school: that's the great start for our case solve. Let's go to the school and check, without delay!"

Heena and Hana goes to the school in the center of the village.

Walking into the school's office, they see a person sitting behind the table checking some office books. They walk to the person and explain about the situation. The office person with a expressionless look says "How can I help you in this matter?" Hana replies " can we please check the school registry" Person suddenly get up from her chair and walks towards the rack where the office books were kept pointing at the rack she ask's heena " so which year?" Heena looks at Hana they pause for a minute.

 Hana turning towards the office person " since all the person's who died are in their mid 40s, let's check with the 1968 year registry!" Person walks towards the old racks and opens a dusty old books looks like they didn't open it for very long time may be decades. Dusting the bind Hana opens the book and look for the picture of the people died.Â

Heena recognising a person says " it's Meena's dad!" Hana looks for more and she finds that the people who died are from the same class. She points at the class group pic and ask the office person " can I get more info about the students in this picture?" She gets a reply " sorry, but I'm not sure about the people in the picture may be you should meet the principal. You may get to know!"Â


Hana and Heena walks out the office saying thank you to the person. They walk to the principal's office_ knocks the door. A very frim voice replies " come in!" They enter the room_ looking at the principal feel the tense movement in the air. A very strict old lady in her late 70s was sitting behind the table she ask them to take a seat.

Heena and Hana are being tensed forgets about why they came there. Principal looks at them, in a refined tone ask's " who are you? How can I help you?". Grasping at the movement Hana and Heena replies at the question at a time " we came here to ask about the students in this picture". Heena opens a picture from her pocket, they took from the office.Â

Principal looks at the picture " oh ! It's the mischevious batch!" Continued " so what do you want to know?" Hana looks at the principal and moves her a cm near to the table towards the principal with a keen excited look on her face_ said " do you know about the death call? Some in the picture are the ones who died. We want to make sure that no one else dies. Please help us!"

Principal looks at Heena and Hana_ pointing at the picture she said "they are the worst batch of my service. Studying less but fooling around more" she points at a person in the picture_ a guy with a pale skin_ shorter than the kids in his class with Looks as noticeable. She cried " they used to bully this guy, whole class! For being pale and short. They didn't show him mercy, even assaulted him" eyes filled with tears said " as his mother and principal of the school, I was not able to do anything for my kid. Whatever happened for him in class he hised, thinking not to trouble me. He was a very kind, loved all his classmates even after they did this to him."

Principal started to cry. Heena and Hana being awkward, was not able to do anything for the her they left the room quietly. Coming out of school gates Hana said " such a cruel thing to happen to that kid" they felt sorry for the kid. Heena said " so now we know what happened exactly. Is it the ghost of that kid which is killing everyone?" Hana doesn't agree with her, she said " No! I don't believe in ghosts. May be there is something else to this story! How did the guy die? Why?".....

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