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Murder, Love and some interesting interactions. "Monsters", Angles, and mortals
Name: Vincent Akima
Nickname: Vince
Age: 15
Description: White short hair, Red eyes, White scarf, White long sleeved shirt, Black gloves, black pants, Wolf like demon
Background: Unknown
Personality: Quiet unless needs to speak, Killer, Rebel
Hobbies: Drawing
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Name: Jackle Darkheart
Nickname: Jack
Age: 17
Description: Black hair, Grey eyes, pale skin, Black jacket, Ripped jeans
Background: His parents died when he was 11 years old and has been taking care of himself ever sense
Personality: Mysterious, Bold, Slight temper, Protective at times, Athletic, calm unless he needs to show someone he doesn't play games, bit of a rebel
Hobbies: Anything Sporty, Singing but not in public, drawing to calm himself
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Name: Leo Claw
Nickname: Leon
Age: 16
Description: Brown hair, blue eyes, A pets outfit, Cat tail
Background: A pet that does as his owners says, Leo is never too brave to stand up for himself
Personality: Shy, obedient, quiet unless told to speak
Hobbies: none (Doesn't have time to. And does cleaning count?)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Name: Shindoruki Mikoru
Nickname: Shindo
Age: 17
Description: Black hair, Blue eyes, navy blue jacket, black wings
Background: Unknown
Personality: Bold, Protective, wild at times, joker, assassin, Athletic
Hobbies: Anything that involves knives or weapons, Sports
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Name: Amaikedo saiko
Nickname: psycho
Age: 15
Description: Black hair with white tips, red eyes, pale skin, Black jacket, Black ripped jeans
Background: She doesn’t talk about it
Personality: Psycho, Strange, murderous, edgy, creative with words, can be sweet at times
Hobbies: Singing but not in public, drawing (Mostly gory things)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Name: Cerberus Hellhound
Nickname: Hellbound
Age: 15
Description: Black hair with red tips, Grey eyes, pale skin, Black jacket with a dragon design, Black ripped Pants, Cobblestone lines her hands so she covers them with black gloves, hides her horns and Wolf features with jacket
Background: Sent from hell, her past unknown to her. Her memories scattered throughout the land.
Personality: Sharp temper, quiet at times (Not natural though), Black wolf is her akumatized form so don’t get on her bad side, Mysterious, Edgy, Doesn’t like when people look at her
Hobbies: Drawing, playing with knives, singing but quietly (You will never catch her singing aloud)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Name: Shadow Hook
Nickname: Foxy
Age: 17
Description: Rusted brown hair, Orange eyes, tan skin, usually caught wearing his school uniform or not wear a shirt, Fox ears and tail
Background: Since his dad was a fisherman he lived with his mom. He took care of himself most the time
Personality: Charming and flirty, athletic, over protective of his friends, calm unless a problem forms, Idiot at times
Hobbies: anything sporty, writing stories, telling tales of the seas
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Name: Speedy Gaster
Nickname: idiot
Age: 16
Description: blue hair, always wearing some sort of hoodie, wearing jeans ,ears and tail loves music. Background: comes from a rough life so far, likes to be lazy, gets in trouble a lot.
Personality:big idiot and does weird things,
Hobbies: bow and arrow, making bracelets, annoying his sister
Gender: male
Sexuality: Straight

Name: Ein Gaster
Nickname: Broken (She calls herself that)
Age: 14
Description: Black hair with blue highlights, pale skin, wears a blue, white and black jacket, Wolf ears and tail
Background: Lost girl who was taken in by Speedy’s family, she was quiet for months before Speedy made her feel like talking
Personality: quiet, shy when meeting new people, Likes hiding from Speedy and scaring him by jumping out at him
Hobbies: Drawing, singing but only near Speedy, hiding in dark spaces
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Name: Eclipse Celestial
Nickname: Star (By her dad, hates it)
Age: 15
Description: Black short hair that falls over one of her eyes, Band-aid on the top of her noise, Gray eyes that can glow red at times, freckles on both cheeks (hates it), Secret sweet tooth, Werewolf
Background: Daughter of Shu Celestial, who is a famous assassin. Transfer student to SummerBreeze High
Personality: Sharp temper, Mean to those she cares about, quiet at times, protective of her things
Hobbies: Drawing, singing but not aloud, swimming at times, hiking
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
The school bell rang to another day at SummerBreeze High. It was fall now and that meant it was going to be a bit chilly but that didn’t bother the students. Vincent walked through the halls having her hood up even though it was against the rules.

“Ms. Akima. What not shock. Take off your hood. You know it’s against Rule #25.” Mrs. Jade said as Vincent passed her. Mrs. Jade was the principal and she made the rules. It was as if she had them printed into her memory or read them outloud in her sleep. She always knew which rule number was being broke and never failed to remind everyone what the rules were.

“Fine.” Vincent grumbled and took off her hood. Her short white hair was a mess after being hidden by her hood. She “tried” to fix it and continued to walk to class.

“Ru ro. Seems somebody got in trouble.” Rose laughed as she leaned against her locker. Vincent rolled her eyes at the comment.

“Your right Rose. Maybe soon she’ll get in big trouble and we won’t have to see her ever again.” Rose’s friend Heather said with a grin. Rose and Heather were always together so if one made a comment the other commented too.

“Ya. And IF that happens. I won’t have to see you guys ever again. I guess that a bonus. Don’t you think?” Vincent smiled showing her sharp K9 teeth.

“Tch. Your no fun. Vincent.” Rose rolled her eyes. Her cat tail swung as she got off the locker. “Come on Heather. Unpopular people in this Zone.” Rose said starting to walk away.

“Ya ya.See you in 3rd period.” Vincent said harshly. She walked to her homeroom.

As soon as Vincent walked in the room became quiet. She took a seat at a desk near the back next to the window.

“Alright class.” said Mr Ranger from the front of the room. He was sub at the school. One of the nice ones. But it wasn’t like Mr James to miss school. This put everybody on edge. “Sadly Mr James couldn’t be here today. His daughter died yesterday and he needed time to think. But that doesn’t mean all is lost. You may do what you like till the next bell.” Mr Ranger said with a fake smile. It was obvious he didn’t like acting like everything was okay.

Vicent put on her headphones and began drawing in a sketchbook. While others would either be talking or acting panicked, Vincent blocked everything out and just acted as if that didn’t just happened. Kids in her class looked at her as if she could have done the murder but Vincent never killed for sport. Unless she had a reason to kill, she would never harm anyone.

“What if it was on purpose. What if the murder was planed. Who knows who will be next.” A boy in Vincents class said in a panic. Vincent could hear him because he was near by and her music wasn’t that loud.

“Oh stop saying that Gin. We all know that it isn’t like that. Sure, it could have been planned or it was just a break in and she got caught in a crossfire.” Shindoruki said trying to calm him down. He seemed to laughed at the idea that Gin put in his head.

“It’s not joke Shindoruki.” Vincent snapped putting her pencil down.

“And what do think happened? Or did you do the murder?” Shindoruki Laughed

“If I did murder, you would know. I wouldn’t have gone to school today if I did. Anyways I don’t kill for sport.” Vincent rolled her eyes. “And what ever happened, it’s none of our business. The Wolf Pack never kills unless necessary.” She joked with a grin showing her k9 teeth again.

Gin gulped. He never liked it when a fellow wolf showed their fangs. That usually ended with a fight.

Shidoruki smiled. “And us Dark Angels don’t mind killing off a few wolves.” He snarled. His black wings twitched at the thought of death. “So I suggest to keep quiet unless asked to speak.”

“I’m not your pet. I have no need to keep my mouth shut when you ask.” Vincent growled.

“Well see about that.” Shindoruki said as the bell rang. He walked out and disappeared as Gin followed.

Vincent grabbed her stuff and walked out going to her next class.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------Change POV-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cerberus sneezed in the middle of class making everyone go silent. They all looked at her with a shocked expression.

“Stop staring at me!” She snarled making everyone go back to what they were doing. She rolled her eyes and became quiet. Her eyes seemed clouded with thoughts.

“Hey. You okay? It’s not like you to be quiet.” Amaikedo asked turning around in her seat to look at Cerberus. Cerberus looked up and glared at her.

“It’s rude to stare.” She growled. “And I’m fine.” She said looking back down to her paper. It was blank even though she had plenty of time to work on it.

“You having trouble figuring out what to write about?” Amaikedo asked. The task was to write a small story and the next day they would read it out loud to the class.

“No. I have Ideas but I don’t know which one to choose.” Cerberus said pulling out a stack of paper and setting it on the desk.

“JEZZ! How did you write all that!?” Amaikedo was shocked at how much paper was there. She could barely count it all.

“I don’t know. I just started writing and then poof.” Cerberus said having her hands make a tiny explosion example. “But I don’t know what to use. I sorted it by type of story. Stories of the woods, Stories of the oceans, Stories of the-”

“Wait. Did you say the ocean!” Shadow popped up behind Cerberus scaring her a little bit.

“Where did you come from!” Cerberus yelled at Shadow who laughed at the fact he scared her.

“Aw. Did I scare you?” Shadow joked winking at her. Cerberus rolled her eyes but couldn’t hide her blush.

“Shut up.” Cerberus snarled. She looked through the stack of paper to try and find a story but all of them looked good to her. “UGH! This is difficult!” She grond and then banged her head on the table.

“Just choose one that speaks to you. I rewrote a fairy tale but in one of the other characters points of view.” Amaikedo said with a smile.

“And what fairy tale is that?” Cerberus glared at Amaikedo.

“Umm… little red riding hood… In the wolf's point of view.” Amaikedo said feeling a bit embarrassed. She knew that there was already plenty of stories in the wolf's point of view.

“Exactly.” Cerberus said hitting her head on the desk again.

“Stop doing that for one and for two, why not just look through all of them and find one that you feel would show people who you are other then creative when it comes to overdoing it on reading projects.” Shadow joked and looked through the stories of the ocean. His eyes spark as he read each one.

“Thanks but I can’t. All of these are important and it's hard to choose only one.” Cerberus mumbled. Her face was covered by her arms.

“Wow! All these stories are really good! Can I keep them?” Shadow said still looking through the stories.

“No way!” Cerberus said sitting up and snatched the stack of stories from Shadow.

“Aw.” Shadow said dropping his head down in disappointment. He gave Cerberus the puppy eyes but she just whacked his forehead.

“Puppy eyes don’t work Shadow.” Cerberus growled. Cerberus laid her head down on top of the stories so Shadow didn’t steal it again. Shadow just smiled and laid his head on the back of Cerberus’s seat.

“Shadow stop it.” Amaikedo glared at Shadow. She was never fond of his jokes.

“Aw. Come on. You know you don’t fully hate me yet.” He stuck out his tongue at Amaikedo.

“Please don’t start fighting.” Cerberus glared at both of them. “I’ve already have to deal with you guys barking at each other in this class enough and it’s annoying.” Cerberus growled.

“Sorry Cerberus.” Shadow sighed. He knew that it could get a little annoying when him and Amaikedo fought.

“Ya. Sorry.” Amaikedo said turning around in her seat becoming silent. She began trying to figure out a new story idea.

Shadow hit Cerberus with a note and she turned around. He didn’t look at her in a palitful jester. She grabbed the note and it had her name on it. It also said “please don’t read right now” so she put it in her pocket.

“Thanks.” He said quietly sitting back into his seat and pulled out his pencil so he could write his story.

Soon the teacher walked over and saw the stack of paper on Cerberus’s desk. “WHAT THE HECK CERBERUS!” He yelled in shock making everyone look back at her.

“Umm… Is this good?” Cerberus said sinking into her seat a little embarrassed.

“What? Is this good? Cerberus, I’ve never seen anyone write this much before! This is awesome!” The teacher exclaimed with a smile. Cerberus fake smiled back and sank more into her seat as she heard people start whispering.

“T-thanks sensei.” Cerberus said not knowing how to react.

“I want to see you after school so we can discuss more of this.” The teacher smiled and walked around giving everyone a warning glace to get back to work.

Cerberus banged her head on her desk again and grumbled. She mumbled Japanese words under her breath for the rest of class.

------------------------------------------------------------------------Change time-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cerberus walked into the class with her hood on. She knew what would happen at this time.

“I know your here Sensei.” Cerberus Growled taking out her Katana.

“You know this school to well.” The teacher said with a smile emerging from the shadows with a knife.

“Oh come on. Give me more of a challenge would ya.” She smiled back. This time it wasn’t a fake one.

The teacher walked closer. “Oh, your not fighting me. Your fighting him.” He said pointing at a boy in the corner of the room. He was sharpening a sword that seemed to glow red. He had Dark hair and blue eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness. A grin was visible on his face in the blue and red glow.

“You didn’t expect that did ya?” The teacher said grinning.

“Not really. But nice trick. I’m always ready for a challenge.” Cerberus snarled as she took off her hood and her gloves revealing the cobblestone that lined her hand. She held her Katana in a fighting form and she smiled as her eyes glowed red.

“I’d like to see you try and beat me.” The boy said. His dark wings were now visible and sent a chill down Cerberus’s spin. Her wolf ears went down and she bent down in a different fighting stance.

“Y-you don’t s-scare me!” She yelled in a shaky voice. She had only heard stories about the Dark Angles. She knew only one went to the school but she never met him.

The boy walked forward and he was more visible now. He was taller than Cerberus had thought but she only saw him leaning against the wall sharpening his sword.

“Seems like you are.” He said with a grin. His wings spread out wide and he got into a fighting stance.

Cerberus tried to hide her fear through a fake grin but she couldn’t hide how scared she was through her eyes.

“Hehe. Your weak if you think you can fool me by hiding your fear.” He said as he attacked her. Cerberus jolted back in shock and did her best to keep on her feet.

“Augh!” Cerberus yelled as the boy continued to attack. I-I can’t fight against him! His to powerful! She thought. She turned and ran into the halls. She couldn’t hide her fear anymore.

“HA! WEAKLING!” The boy yelled chasing after her. Soon he caught up with her. Before she knew it he grabbed her and flew upwards breaking the glass window.

“AUGH!” Cerberus yelled in pain as glass shards cut into her skin. She knew what was next. This was the way the Dark Angels killed their victims. The Dark Angels would fly up and drop their victim from a dangerous height and in a split second they were dead. “P-PLEASE! D-DON’T DO IT!” Cerberus pleaded not wanting to die.

“I won’t drop a fellow classmate. I’m not a monster and nor are you.” He said calmly. He placed his nose against Cerberus’s neck. Cerberus closed her eyes tightly. His nose was freezing cold against her causing her to shiver. They soon were back on the ground and he placed her on the ground safely.

“W-What just H-happened…” Cerberus said shaking still. She was in a bit of shock that he didn’t just finish her right then and there. “You should have finished me! Why didn’t you!?” She yelled confused still.

“I don’t kill just to kill. That isn’t My Falocify.” The boy said with a calm voice petting Cerberus’s head. His hand felt warm on Cerberus’s head and she closed her eyes in response. The boy laughed then smiled. “Hehe. My names Shindoruki Mikoru. But you may call me Shindo.” Shindoruki said helping Cerberus get up off the ground.

“I’m Cerberus Hellhound. But please just call me Cerberus.” She said brushing herself off. She was still shaking a bit but not as much. And the only reason she was shaking was because the cold. She was no longer afraid of Shindoruki.

“We should go inside or get somewhere warm. You may catch a cold if you don’t.” Shindoruki said grabbing Cerberus’s hand and began to walk pulling her along with him.

“I can walk!” Cerberus pointed out but Shindoruki didn’t let go of her hand. She tripped over one of her shoe lash and bumped into Shindoruki. Luckily he caught her before she fully fell.

“You okay?” Shindoruki asked helping Cerberus up onto her feet. “Well look who can’t walk.” He joked laughing a little bit.

“Shut up. I tripped.” Cerberus growled. Cerberus back up and started to walk away from Shindoruki but he followed.

“Hey! Slow down would ja!” He said speed walking to keep up.

“How about you stop following me!” Cerberus yelled back at Shindoruki. All of a sudden, Cerberus wasn’t on the ground any more. Shindoruki had picked her up and flew upwards. “EEP!” She squealed.

“Hehe. Come on. The air feels great!” Shindoruki laughed as Cerberus clinged to him in fear. It was obvious she was scared of heights. He decided to hold her close to make her feel safer.

“C-Can we get t-to ground level?” Cerberus asked as she stayed close to Shindoruki. She held her eyes closed tightly.

"Fine. But first." Shindoruki smirked and flew up higher. He opened his wings wide. He closed his eyes as the breeze gently touched his feathers and skin. He looked down at Cerberus who was still shaking in fear. He slowly made his way down to the ground and set Cerberus down.

“There. Happy?” Shindoruki smiled. His eyes looked at Cerberus with kindness as She looked up at him.

Cerberus nodded and started to walk away. Her face was flushed and her ears flattened. It wasn’t long until Shindoruki couldn’t see her anymore.

“I guess that was some battle.” Shindoruki sighed. He quickly turned as he heard something behind him. He looked but nothing was there. He shrugged and walked away

----------------------------------------------------------Change of time and pov--------------------------------------------------------------------

Whispers filled the hall. It seemed there was a new student at SummerBreeze High.

“Is she a transfer?” Someone whispered.

“I think so. That’s not are uniform.” Someone whispered back.

“Do you think she is an assassin or just a student?” Another person asked

“I don’t know.” Someone replied

Soon silence filled the halls again as someone followed behind the girl. He had black hair with white tips. He seemed older indifying that he was the girls dad. Everyone was shocked. It was Shu Celestial! One of the most famous Assassin in the city.

“Is that Shu Celestial! Is he actually here? Wait, is that his daughter!?” Someone finally spoke and once again the hall became filled with whispers

“Hello Mr. Celestial. I am thrilled you decided to transfer your daughter, Eclipse, here.” Mrs. Jade smiled as she shook Shu’s hand.

“I’m sure my star will do great here. I trust you will take care of her.” Shu said smiling back.

“Don’t call me a star Dad.” Eclipse growled as her tail swayed to and fro.

“I will see you later Star. I maybe late though. If I don’t pick you up, you know where to go.” Shu smiled messing up Eclipse’s hair.

“Dad.” Eclipse grumbled fixing her hair.

“See you for dinner.” Shu said as he walked away but all Eclipse did was roll her eyes.

“Whatever. Can I just get my schedule.” Eclipse grumbled turning her attention to Mrs. Jade.

“Oh yes. Here you go.” Mrs. Jade handed Eclipse a piece of paper.

Eclipse looked the paper over and then began to walk away. She didn’t seem as thrilled as her father had been with the transfer.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------Change pov-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Speedy turned his head to see a girl with short black hair that covered one eye walk in as the teacher gestured to her to walk to the front.

“Class. This is Eclipse Celestial. She is our new transfer student. Would you like to say anything?” The teacher said looking over at Eclipse

“Not really other than I can kill everyone here if I wanted.” Eclipse growled.

“Okay… You may have a seat.” The teacher said cautiously as Eclipse walked over to take a seat.

“Are you actually going to kill everyone?” Speedy asked looking at Eclipse who took a seat behind him.

“I said I could. Not I will.” Eclipse glared at Speedy.

“Just asking.” Speedy shrugged and turned back around.
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