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A 461 word story written for the 48 Hour Challenge, 10/3/19, inspired by 'They' by Jem.
The Status Quo.

I know what I saw. What I still see. Creatures that cannot exist, or at least that is what I've been told. Years and years of indoctrination is hard to stand against.

Faeries, woodland folk that have peppered childhood tales for many generations. Skin like bark, like leafs. Pointed jaws and black eyes; not pretty, not gentle, and many of them are far from being small. From no more than their hostile gaze I know that, given a chance, they will cause me harm. Not just me, but all of us.

Is it really surprising? We have denied their existence, have banished them to an invisible life where no contact is possible. Any efforts, on their part, to communicate have simply been rewarded by the presence of a brick wall.

They do not and cannot exist!

And let's face it; if one of them did show themselves, and was actually 'seen', acknowledged to exist, they'd not have much of a future.

A curiosity, an anomaly; something to be caged. It would not take long for the scientists to descend in their droves with their needles and probes. Analysis of anything 'different' always leads to the same conclusion. Just a freak incident! A genetic blip. What else can it be for the Faerie folk do not exist.

Who says? I know that this is a pronouncement that will be screamed from the rooftops. What I do not understand is where this denial came from in the first place, and who it is that keeps it going. How can they possibly know that these creatures don't exist? What are they gaining from the pretense?

This blindness is going to be our downfall. Humankind will just keep on with its greedy seizing of their lands. That's progress! Development! We are pushing them in to a corner and they are being given no choice but to fight back if they are to survive. That they have waited so long shows them to be benevolent, but their tolerance has been abused. From what I have seen with my own eyes, I know that they will make formidable enemies; how can people fight an opponent that cannot really be there. We will become a race of victims to our 'imaginations'.

I want to speak out, tell people to forget the 'rules', to see the evidence that is in front of their faces and to accept it. Look, listen, feel! Be receptive, and to hell with the rules. The thing is they would silence me as soon as I spoke. Lock me up and insist that I am hallucinating, suffering from some kind of insanity.

No one must be allowed to upset the status quo!

They know that I see them. And all I can do is apologize.

(461 words).

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