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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Thriller/Suspense · #2202211
When Audrey learns a startling secret, Kayla tries to work out their shrunken predicament.
Chapter 8

Sixteen year old Molly Forte was ecstatic: the dance was less than a week away, and though she didn't have a date, she didn't care for she had made Before & After plans with her best friend Tessa Smith. Since just becoming a junior, this would be her first upperclassmen dance, but with or without dates, she and Tessa would have a fun night.

Standing at 5'3", Molly was a cute girl, with her pure blue eyes and natural brunette hair, she had the kind of face that didn't take "no" for an answer. That said, she was kind of chubby around the midriff; although her arms, legs, and face didn't give it away, her full torso certainly did. Her belly was plump and round, a fatter gut than could be seen poking through the occasional small shirt. She could wear a shirt large enough to cover it, but the price for that was exposing it whenever she stretched or raised her arm. She wasn't the biggest fan of her belly, especially since the cheerleaders would tease her about it.

But she didn't think about it much as she walked down the hall until she saw Tessa running to her. Tessa was also sixteen, almost seventeen, and thinner, standing at 5'4", with black hair, green eyes, and a spunky personality that was such a sharp contrast to Molly's shy nature, that some people wondered why they were friends.

"Molly!" exclaimed Tessa, "I think those cheerleading jerks are at it again!"

"'At it again?' What do you think this is, a sitcom?" Molly asked sarcastically.

"No, I'm serious! You know Jamie Li?"

"Of course I know Jamie Li!" A senior who had her life together: good grades, had an "after high school plan," and (believe it or not) was so on top that she was one of the, if not the, most popular in the school. "What about her?"

"I heard Renee talking about locking her up in the observatory on the fourth floor tonight!" said Tessa.

"What!?" exclaimed Molly. "Why would they do something like that!?"

"Apparently, Jamie's meeting with a representative from a university that Renee's trying to enroll in, to talk about the same scholarship that Renee's also going for. They having a cheer meeting tonight and plan on luring her here to keep her upstairs until morning."

"Now that's just ridiculous," said Molly, "I'm sure it was all talk."

"Well I won't let them lock up poor Jamie like that! If it happens, we gotta do something!" Molly just laughed it off. The whole thing sounded ludicrous to her, and Tessa being the more eccentric of the two didn't help.

That night, Molly was in her one story house prepared for bed. She was wearing the tights she worn under her jeans and a tannish yellow night shirt that she had worn since freshman year, feeling that it had given her good luck. However, she could feel it getting snug; the sleeves had gotten shorter and it would no longer cover her midriff like it used to, allowing her plump belly to hang out and show off. She looked at herself in the mirror and sighed, patting her belly. One of these days I'll get rid of this thing or it will be the death of me she chuckled to herself. Just then she heard a tapping at the sliding door. She walked over and saw Tessa. After opening the door, she started to ask what her friend was doing here at this time of night when she noticed the look of determination on her face. "What's wrong?"

"They actually did it!" Tessa exclaimed quietly. "I was at the school to make sure, and I saw Renee and her cheer goons trick Jamie into going upstairs!"

"What!? No way!"

"We've got to help her! I need your help getting the key from Renee!" Before Molly could say a word, Tessa grabbed her arm, pulled her outside, and ran her to her car. Poor Molly never got time to change, so with only her tights and night shirt on, her round, bare belly was on display for all to see. Soon, they arrived at the back entrance of the gym. "Come on! They're having a meeting inside so be quiet, we don't want them to see us or that might come after us!" Molly gulped nervously and followed her friend, still in disbelief that she was doing such a crazy thing.

The two entered the gym and immediately hid inside a hamper that was deep enough for them to hide, if need be, then watched the cheerleaders practice their performance for the dance. "Alright Renee," one said, "would you mind going through this one more time?"

Renee sighed. "Fine! But this is the last time!"

She began to explain, but Molly toned her out as her gaze wandered for the key. She felt a tap from Tessa's hand which pointed to a sectioned off wall area by the bleachers.

"Ok girl, here's what we'll do," Tessa started, "we get up the bleachers to where a small gap where that other wall is, you lower me down into that little area and I'll grab the key, ok? Then you just pull me out and we go save Jamie." Molly looked at Tessa and noticed that her lips were quivering. Obviously, Tessa was equally nervous, but they needed to do this for Jamie Li. Tessa creeped out first, nice and smooth. Molly followed and landed on her arse. "Shhhh," Tessa went. Molly looked over at the cheerleaders who still had their backs to them. She got up and resumed sneaking with Tessa, trying to be as quiet as she could.

"And then Sierra will light the torch...," continued Renee. Just then, a haitis torch burst into flames, startling Molly. By that point, they had reached the top and Tessa had been lowered into place. Molly covered her mouth to prevent a gasp. At the same time, she started to fall, but her legs had hooked onto the seat to stop herself. Unfortunately, her shirt had covered her face, causing her legs to frantically pull her up. When she was upright, she pulled her shirt down to reveal her red face, embarrassed at nearly going shirtless. Tessa grabbed the key and attempted to hand it to Molly, who gestured no and pointed to the cheerleaders who were now packing their things. Tessa peeked over the wall, then motioned for Molly to return to the hamper.

Tessa jumped back against the wall. She heard voices getting closer. No no no, please don't come here she thought, curling into a ball in fright. But she heard Renee say, "Sierra, put that flame out! Do you want to burn the school down to the ground?!"

"Eh, what?" Sierra Winters noticed the large torch still on its pedestal. She ran over and blew out the flame, but there were still steaming ashes and ambers. "Oh geez, it's still pretty hot." She looked around for something to crush the ashes. Molly, who was peaking out of the hamper, jumped down to the flat bottom and laid there, hidden from sight. "Oh! This oughta do it." said Sierra, walking towards Molly's hamper. "No one uses them anymore, anyway." As she opened the hamper and inserted the haitis torch, she looked at Renee, "is here alright?"

Molly looked up nervously at the torch dangling above her. She started to back up instinctively, but there was nowhere to go. She then saw a horrible thing: the hot, steaming torch was coming into the hamper towards her! What do I do? What do I do? She couldn't cry out, they'd know she was there. She gave up and just covered her eyes with her hands, her shirt rising even more when she raised her arms. Though she could feel the heat, cold sweat began to run down her forehead. She peaked through her fingers to see the torch still coming. No no no, oh my God, noooo! her mind screamed. This would surely leave a mark. But then she noticed that the hot ambers and ashes were heading to her round, bare, plump belly, and they were feeling hotter as they got closer. Molly's body shuddered as she sucked in her belly to avoid the ashes, her fat bouncing up and down as she shivered to keep it down.

But the hot torch continued towards her skin and she sucked in her trembling belly as much as she could, barely making it go from large and round to as concave as she could. The torch grew closer and she tried to inhale her belly more, but she couldn't. Her entire body was shivering uncontrollably from fear and sweat ran down her nose. Tears began to form in her eyes as the ashes came so close to her skin that the heat was unbearable. "Wait! What's wrong with you?!" Molly heard. The torch stopped millimeters from her sucked in belly. The torch twitched and Molly shut her eye and let out a small whimper, keeping her belly in tight as she waited for the burn, but the heat let off. She peaked through her fingers and saw the torch rising away. She slowly let her concave, fat belly fill up with air, slowly and cautiously as it became plump and round again. She was still peaking through her trembling fingers when the steps died away.

After she heard a door close, she raised her head to take a look, her belly hanging comfortably over her tights as she sat up, panting and sweating. She saw Tessa making her way out, so she ran out to join her, practically covered in sweat by the time she made it.

"Geez, are you alright?" asked Tessa.

"Ne nevermind," stammered Molly, wiping beads of sweat from her forehead. "Do you have the key?"

"Yep!" replied Tessa, "Let's go get her!" They exited the gym into the hallway and walked up all four flights of stairs until they made it to the observatory door. But before they could do anything, Tessa was grabbed by a cheerleader from behind. Sierra grabbed Molly while Renee approached slowly.

"Well what do we have here?" sneered Renee. Tessa gave her a nasty look, but Molly's face was full of fright. "Outcasts playing the hero?"

"Let us go Renee, it's over!" shouted Tessa.

"Well, you still have quite the kick in you," taunted Renee, "I like that. Now why hasn't this one said-" just as Renee turned to Molly, she noticed two things: 1) how badly Molly was shaking and 2) how much her belly fat really hung out, especially with Sierra holding her arms. "Oh ho! Lookee here girls! They brought us a pig!" She walked right up to Molly who was shaking so bad that her fat jiggled up and down. Renee licked her lips. "I tell you what, my dad used to stick pigs for market. She placed the point of one of her sharp, red nails on Molly's belly fat. Molly gasped, fright increasing. "But you look...how we say on the farm... delicious in that outfit." Renee traced her nail across Molly's gut. Molly gasped it away, shaking in fear. Renee moved her nail closer, but Molly sucked in her belly as fast as the nail came, trembling vociferously. Renee laughed. "Alright," she pulled her nail away, "fair's fair. Let them go."

Her two cronies dropped Tessa and Molly, the latter's belly shooting out to it's round state once more. "Just be on the lookout come dance girls," said Renee. "I like my meat rare..." She laughed, opened her mouth wide, and leaned down to Molly's belly, which jumped inwards, becoming flat just as Renee clamped her teeth together. Renee then raised her head and walked off with her goon squad. Tessa looked at Molly and Molly let her belly hang out more as she looked at Tessa, both frightened.

Then Tessa unlocked the door, freeing Jamie. She hugged and thanked the girls and the three went off. Tessa dropped Jamie off at her house and Molly at hers. The two hugged and Molly entered through the sliding door and attempted to go to sleep after what transpired. Thank God tomorrow is Saturday.


"Anything?" Dani asked Audrey, who was searching for their shrunken comrades with a magnifying glass.

"No, nothing for the past few hours. I can't believe you shrunk them!" Audrey shouted at Lydia. Before Lydia could stutter a reply, Dani had had enough.

"That's it, Audrey! I don't know what your beef with Lydia is, but what she did was unintentional! Yes, Erika isn't here, but that doesn't mean you get to play proxy!"

Audrey started to protest, but then Dani's cellphone began to ring. Audrey and Lydia beat her to it, the former backing away when she saw the caller ID. "Why is the leader of the F.F.C.N calling you?"

The latter turned to her, grinning evily, all traces of anxiety gone. "Because you're about to get yours, Thompson." Audrey started to retreat to the nearest exit after hearing that.

She was almost to the door when it burst open and two woman walked through. Audrey yelped in terrified recognition at the sight of one of them and tried to run, but the back of her shirt was grabbed by Lula Hayward pulled up enough to show her belly. "Well now, this happens way too often," Audrey said, looking at her exposed midriff.

Lula shook the plump girl, making the fat on her body jiggle. "Oooh, can oi 'ave this one?" She sniffed Audrey's belly, which was pulsing from heavy breathing. "Just a li''el taste?" Lula licked her lips and moved her grinning mouth towards Audrey.

Audrey raised her arms, which were filled with nervous tremors, and took a shaking breath. "Wha w w what are y...?" she stammered, slightly gasping in her belly away from Lula. Whimpering, she sucked in her belly at the same speed Lula moved closer. "I I sur...I s surren..." Audrey stuttered, her hands clenching into fists as if to cover eyes.

"We'll figure her out later, Sharp Toe," said the other woman, "for now let's take care of the problem at hand." Lula stopped, still smiling, poked Audrey's pulled in fat, and moved away.

The other woman approached Dani and Lydia and held out one hand while placing the other on her hip. "May I have the shrunken problems please?"

Dani rubbed the back of her head awkwardly. "Uh...well..."

"Where are they?"

Lydia had more backbone than Dani. "The fat one blow them into the wall."

Audrey, who had let her belly fill with air, stared at Lydia, shocked at her very apparent change in demeanor. "I did not! Dani told me to because you needed air for your panic attack, which I dou ~how~." Audrey's rant was cut off when her throat was introduced to Lula's switchblade.

The woman regarded Audrey with a hard stare, then buried her forehead in a palm and sighed. "No matter. How can they survive that small? Just means we'll have to move the plan forward a bit. Let's go." She left the room and Lula, Dani, and Lydia followed, the former dragging Audrey by the shirt.

Although she felt scared at being in Lula's grasp, Audrey felt more embarrassed at her belly display for her captors. She'd be called crazy, but she'd rather Chelsea and Melanie be here than Lula because at least she knew they were joking. They reached the front door of the HQ and speak of the devil, but who should be there, "Chelsea?!"

The Brewster girl stood there, smugly tossing a roll of duct tape up and down. "Hey big ole Audrey. Ready to go to your new home?"

Audrey looked confused. "What new home?"

"Woi, 'our 'ome base o' course." grinned Lula.

Audrey's eyes widened, but before she could protest further, Chelsea wrapped some tape around her mouth, making sure that her shirt was under the tape at the back of her head, then passed the roll to Lula who bound their captive's wrists. Now that she was bound and gagged with her shirt staying high enough to display her belly, the woman who had been keeping lookout, said, "alright, if you're done playing tie up, we have to get moving."

"~Let's go,~" sang Lula and Chelsea.

"Mmmm," whimpered Audrey.


Kayla, Erika, Molly, and Tessa sat around the fire they had made with bits from the hole in the wall, the latter two just finishing their story. "So you really don't remember how you got here?" Kayla asked.

"No. All I remember is that girl that used to train you in high school inside our house," replied Molly, prompting a confused look from Kayla. Why would Mia visit Molly? At our own house, nonetheless? Was Audrey trying to tell me this, as a reason why she didn't want to be at the gym, because she'd be in the same place as Mia? All these questions raced through Kayla's head at a very fast rate. Meanwhile, Tessa couldn't help but feel left out when she noticed that her best friend, her best friend's sister, and her best friend's sister's boss all had bellies hang out over their pants and weren't even caring. She started to feel left out, but she didn't really have that much of a fat stomach.

"Tessa, what are your thoughts?" Molly asked, breaking the strange thought.

"I think we have to get some sleep," interrupted Erika, "because it's been an eventful day. None of us know which way is out, and we'll be able to think more clearly after some rest. Besides, we need to figure out how all this insanity is connected." The others agreed and they all got up to make resting places.

Just then, there was a large vacuuming noise, and before the quartet could do anything, they were sucked into a long tube.
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