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by Paul
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Doug knows where they won’t look.
“Where am I going to put this? Damn it. I can never hide anything in this house.”

“What’s up, sweetheart? You sound frustrated.”

“I am. I picked up this book for Eva’s birthday on Saturday and either she or her brother will find it. I swear, we should take them to Arizona, they’d find the Lost Dutchman's Mine in an hour or two.”

“A great idea, we need a couple weeks away. The money would get you that new kitchen too.”

“You are not helping this. I still need to hide it.”

“I know the perfect spot, they’ll never see it.”

“Where? For gods sake, tell me before I go crazy.”

“The kitchen.”

“Kitchen? You’re outta’ your mind, that’s the first place they hit for food, they’ll see it instantly.”

“Come doubtful one, let me show you.”

“Okay, now what? They’ll be through every thing in seconds when they get home. It’s a feeding frenzy.”

“Nope! They’ll never find it in here.“

“Okay, smart ass, where?”

“Put it in a plastic bag and under a dirty plate in the corner by the microwave then tell them you want “ALL” the dishes done. When was the last time they ever looked past the sink? They’ll be outta here in minutes then avoid the area like it’s full of plague Infected rats.”

“Doug, you’re a genius. I owe you for that.”

“Ohh? And just what are you willing to pay for my brilliance?”

“You fool. But, you’re my fool and I love you. We have an hour before they get home.”

“That might be enough time.”

“After last night I’d say five minutes was enough.”

“That’s not fair, I was a little anxious, I’ve been gone on business for a week.”


“Okay, desperate.”

“I’d go with frantic.”

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