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Rated: 13+ · Article · Political · #2202247
It's the content of character that qualifies for office, not the content of underwear.
Hey BBC?...your recent video suggesting that America won't vote for a woman because of her sex is preposterous.

The U.S. has no problem electing a female president for office,
Just show us one female candidate who supports protecting BABIES, versus eating/aborting them!

This stupid feminist propaganda video suggests that Americans won't vote for women on the basis of gender. I call BS!!!

The actions and what they represent is what concerns Americans, both male&female.

Having a VAGINA or not has nothing to do with being qualified to become a U.S. President.

You show me a female candidate who has a long history of voting pro-Life, CLOSED borders, pro-military and veteran funding, who has NEVER opposed the freedom of religious expression for CHRISTIANS? , and maybe then I will consider voting for them. Oh yeah, they also cannot subscribe to the pseudo-science of ClimateChange or be anti-petrol fuel while there are no REAL energy solutions that can carry the national grid burden for energy, not to mention our automobiles.

When you show me a woman candidate who doesn't make me cringe and feel embarrassed to death because her platform is retarded as hell, and her ethics suck?...then maybe we can take the accusations of America being "too sexist" to vote for women seriously.

One female candidate spent a LOT of time on her knees servicing a married senator to sleep her way into the senate office. Not naming names, but her name sounds like Calamata, like the olive. She used her East Indian ethnic background to get votes, Now she pretends NOT to be east Indian and claims to be 100% black! Meanwhile, another woman candidate is so unsure of her own identity that she claims to be Native American, but her DNA said she isn't. As if being female wasn't appealing enough to her voter base. But we can "pow-wow" about her later. If we got a search "Warren" for her brain, we probably couldn't find it. Yes, I know I misspelled "warrant".

Then there's the mystic gypsy witchy woman, who says she will conquer the world with Wiccan love. Yeah, okay. We see how well that kind of "love" is playing out at the Planned Parenthood centers, and it ain't pretty. In fact, it is horrifying.

And you'd think that America's refusal to vote into office Hexenbeast Clowntown because of her total lack of respect for patriotic,loyal Americans and her lawlessness, all the while telling media it's because of sexism, cronyism, anything but the fact she is just a criminal and a monster without ethics or morals is the ultimate proof that yeah, maybe America ISN'T ready to have a woman for President, because so far, none of them represent what American was built on and is all about.

What these stupid Leftists don't get is that INTELLIGENT voters realize that it's the content of their character that qualifies a person for office, not the content of their underwear.

If We the People cannot trust these woman candidates to tell the truth on small matters that are inconsequential to our Nation?, How can we expect honesty and integrity from them on matters that weigh the balance of policy and lawmaking that affect us all?
It's supposed to be them representing US!...We the PEOPLE!...not them and their egos. What they should have brought to the table is a willingness to listen to ALL American women and men equally. But all we hear from the Women candidates camp is Femsplaining to us like we're low I.Q. children, rather than adult women. And I'm sick of them complaining to us about all the problems with the so-called "toxic male " race! It's as if they think they can afford to lose the entire male voter base.

Didn't Feminism claim to be making us all equal? That turned out to be a huge farce, As all it did was divide and embitter both sexes of those who fixated on our differences, rather than embracing them.

The irony of this is that a male Conservative represents what the majority of American women said they want for the country. While the female candidates have such radical ideas that it is causing females to vote for their male competitors. You see, pushing socialism and full-term abortions, along with handing out free healthcare and housing to ILLEGAL immigrants is an anti-AMERICA idea, and it offends those who love this nation of both male and female sex.

It's rather odd that a radical fringe portion of society now claims gender is of no importance. They even claim to believe the pseudo-science of gender fluidity, But at the same time, that same radical fringe group are fixated on the women candidates as if being the female sex is their crowning achievement, versus their qualifications. So, as for Me, a 100% woman voter? I'm going to #MAGA2020 baby! , Because our current President actually supports and listens to his female and male voter base equally. I'm just sorry that after 2020 He can not run again.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2202247