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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2202279
Karl the wizard wanted to be on the throne but at his surprise he found someone.
Once upon a time witches were grouped in the forest. It was the 31st October. Leaves fall had already happened. "Hurry up lazy witches" said the senior witches Amanda. The witches were trembling and a Blizzard pierced their bones within the last of autumn. Winter seemed to be early such year. Their new castle was ready and was built on the top of the mountain. They started it a year ago. The moon was full .A huge amount of wolves were running towards them. The castle was built on a cemetery. It was haunted. Karl was a wizard. He was a human but was married to the witch Karla. Karl intended to be on the throne of the castle. All the witches and wizards were crying "Karl is our new king". At the entrance of the castle a huge amount of bats emerged suddenly from the roof. The castle was dark and a haunted horrible ambience was there. Karl was the first to enter. In a tour of magic he rendered the hall and the throne visible and a light swept the area. He was proud and was ready to start his speech. At his surprise he found a human on the throne. You! Karl said. He was completely overwhelmed. The human was Simon. He said: "Yes this is me. You haven't succeeded to kill me. I have a virtue and I will save all the human kind from you." Simon raised his sword and froze all the witches and the wizards. But Karl became a normal human and forgot that he was a wizard. Indeed Karl was first bewitched by Karla. Simon said: "this planet is ours and henceforth no witch or wizard will remain alive here".
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