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Random brainstorming list for NaNo 2019
This one is set in a hotel. I decided that when I talked to Misty yesterday. The Sheets family owns the hotel. Funny stuff. But that doesn’t have to be my deal. Hotel. What happens? Someone is found dead, obviously. So that’s a huge dealio, because it’s a small town, right? Or is it a bigger city? And if it is a bigger city, is it treated differently? Probably.
Okay, hotel in a decent-sized town. Cool. Chick winds up dead. Maybe it’s not a big deal to law enforcement right away. Maybe it’s a call girl. Or maybe they later find out it is the runaway daughter of a prominent figure. Maybe they first treat it as no big deal – call girl. But then they find out who she is and then a big investigation starts, of course. But then, is there some other thing they should have investigated, but didn’t? Maybe somewhat recently? Maybe in the last year? Or maybe something happened two years in a row, but nothing was ever done because of the station of those involved. That would be pretty likely.

Okay, but now I used the training class pic. Who are these 6 people? They could be the investigation team. But we kind of look more like Men in Black than normal investigators. Maybe there is something paranormal at foot. Maybe that is something "normal" for those in the story. That would be fun.

This is going to be a hard NaNo this year due to changing jobs and learning everything I need to know to work for Northwestern Mutual as a financial representative. So, I fully expect some things in the novel to not make sense, but I really like the idea of using this pic as a cover. We are like a Men in Black sort of contingent. Yep. For sure. Trystin is the head of the group. Will is the guy who always bucks the system, but usually comes up with the right ideas. Lao is the most into covert ops. I think I am like Q - the person who comes up with all of the tech to do what we need to do. Bri, then, becomes the fem fatale, I believe. She is the one who is beautiful and also deadly. She can take out an alien (whoever we decide they are) on a whim, but can also string them along and get all of the information from them possible. Now John. He is the one who is a bit of a lady's man and would rather wine and dine an alien than kill her. He lets his heart get involved, but can be reigned in and can be just as deadly in his arena as Bri is in hers.

Oh man. This is going to be fun. These are real people that I know. And I think it's going to be fun to have them work outside of their own box in my novel and just have fun with that. Now I just need names. Funny that I made me the geek behind the scenes. But what more fun of a job is there? I get to make up stuff that annihilates beings and maybe does some sort of mind work that is amazing. Fun stuff. I can make up the rules to all of this.

So, a hotel. With aliens. Or some other type of beings. This is going to ROCK!
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