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A poem about masculine dreams.
The Dreams of Old Men

The dreams of old men
And young boys
Are exactly the same.
They dream of building things,
Of traveling to distant lands,
Or even distant stars.

The dreams of old men
And young boys
Will take you on wild adventures,
Will have you hanging on for dear life
As if on a roller coaster ride.
While, when you look over at them,
In the dream,
They are laughing ever so gleefully.

The young boys want to go there,
They can't wait to grow up,
And build high rises,
Or drive bulldozers,
Or drive race cars,
Or entertain people on stage and screen,
Or sail the high seas.
There's a million and one things the young boys can do,
But can't just yet, because either they are too small,
Or not yet old enough.
They are needed,
So that mankind may carry on.

The old men want to go there,
Like they once did,
They built high rises,
They operated bulldozers,
They raced cars,
They entertained people on stage and screen,
And even sailed the high seas
There's a million and one things the old men once did,
But now, no more,
Because they are tired,
They are worn out,
They now break more easy,
And don't bounce up from that fall,
As quickly as they did when they were younger.
They are no longer needed,
But yet mankind shall carry on.

The dreams of old men
And young boys
Are exactly the same.



A dream I had last night caused me to write this "poem". I put poem in quotes because far be it from me to call myself a poet.
If you have already read this, I made an edit where I added a couple lines that I feel completes this poem. This poem is finished, there will be no more edits.

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