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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Supernatural · #2202418
A teenage couple meets evil.

Friday, October 9,1959

After taking in a movie and stopping off for burgers and fries, Johnny McCoy drove his date, Victoria Church, to an out-of-the-way spot and parked. As Pérez Prado’s Patricia melodically mamboed on the radio, the teenagers were doing some serious mambo-ing of their own in the backseat of Johnny's '56 Chevy Bel-Air.

Johnny smoothly unbuttoned Victoria’s blouse and removed her bra; his Levis was unbuttoned and Victoria’s capris were unzipped. As they rubbed, stroked and caressed each other, their heavy breathing caused the car’s windows to fog. It was then, during the height of sharing their mutual lust, from the car’s roof they heard a solid tapping. Startled, Johnny and Victoria’s hands recoiled from each other’s wetness.

"Somebody’s watching us," panted Victoria. "Let's get out of here.”

Johnny hurled headfirst over the seats to the front, Victoria remained in the backseat.

“Hurry, Johnny. Start the car. What’d you do with my bra?”

“Forget about your bra! What time is it?” snapped Johnny, more concerned with the hour than the certain horror Victoria feared awaited them.

Wiping the passion-induced moisture from the windshield with his left hand, Johnny peered as best he could at the night sky. “The time. I lost track of the time!”

“What do you have to do, take a pill? Start the car!”

“Yeah, right. My pants: the keys are in my pants.”

“The keys are in the ignition. Hurry, Johnny, start the car!”

Johnny pumped the gas pedal and turned the key. The engine cranked lifelessly. Again and twenty times still more, Johnny’s attempt to start his car failed. With each attempt, the engine ground slower and slower until alas, it’s groaning ceased. The last attempts to start the car produced a stuttering of clicking sounds, then, there was silence.

“The car won’t start! The battery’s dead.”

“I’m scared, Johnny. What are we going…?”

Before Victoria could complete her thought, there came a tapping on the back window, followed by a man’s soft voice: “Johnny, come out of the car.”

“He knows who you are,” shrieked Victoria.

Hoping his friends from school were playing a sick prank, Johnny yelled, “Ralph, is that you? You rotten bastard.”

“No, Johnny,” the man purred. “I am not Ralph. Come out of the car. I will not hurt you. Victoria, you may stay in the car.”

Upon hearing her name, Victoria screamed, “He knows who I am, too,”

Victoria, braless and opened bloused, climbed to the front seat. The teenagers held each other tightly. Victoria was crying; Johnny appeared more anxious than scared.

“Maybe I should find out what the guy wants.”

“Don't be stupid. I know what he wants. If you get out of this car, he’ll kill you and rape me.”

“Wait here. He isn’t going to kill or rape anyone.”

Before Victoria could respond to Johnny’s insane suggestion, a sudden explosion shattered the driver’s side window. Johnny held his hands defensively in front of his eyes. He peered between spread fingers at the man whose figure was in silhouette. Then, as the rising moon shone more light, Johnny saw a tall, gaunt, sallow-complexioned man.

With his right hand, the man reached into the car and grabbed Johnny by his neck. Johnny struggled to escape, but the man pulled the hapless teenager through the opening made by the broken window glass.

Victoria watched in horror as Johnny helplessly wriggled to free himself. As the man’s fingers squeezed tighter and tighter, a strained sound gurgled from the teenager’s throat. Then, as if dropping refuse in a trashcan, the man released his grip and Johnny crumpled to the ground, breathing ever so slightly. Victoria screamed and attempted to exit her side of the car, but the man appeared at the door and opened it.

“Fear not, Victoria. I am Adaz. Give me your hand.” Soft and hypnotic was Adaz’s voice, and Victoria, without reservation, did as she was instructed. The strange man escorted Victoria from the car to where Johnny lay on the ground. Victoria stood emotionless as Adaz tilted her head to expose the sensuous contour of her young neck. With a sigh of anticipation, he quickly, but gently, plunged his extended fangs into her tender flesh. Victoria winced, but only slightly as the vampire commenced sucking her blood.

As if in a deep sleep, Victoria began to experience a warming pleasure that eclipsed any adolescent backseat romp. Laying her head on her right shoulder, Victoria arched her neck to allow the vampire freer access; she felt a driving need for him to take from her that which she was eager to give. As the vampire’s fangs sank deeper, Victoria let fall from her shoulders her unbuttoned blouse. Her hands encouraged the unzipped capris from her waist, kicking them free from her as they reached her ankles. Her breathing intensified as ripples of warmness perked her rosy-brown nipples and wet her within. With a vampire sucking on her neck, wave upon orgasmic wave rapturously crashed with furious intensity throughout the teenager’s young body. Victoria embraced each wave with uncontrollable moans; never in her wettest wet dream had she experienced a more demanding desire to give and be taken.

When the last waves of ecstasy ebbed, Adaz, with gentle care, withdrew his fangs searing the punctures closed with a wet kiss. He took only the amount of Victoria’s blood that was needed to complete his mission. He did not want the teen-aged girl’s life; he wanted her for his bride. Victoria slowly opened her eyes to her new world. She did not need Adaz’s gentle voice to tell her what his kiss had done; beguiled, she savored the thought: Victoria was now too, a vampire.

Victoria turned to Adaz who was pointing a long slender finger at the boy he nearly strangled. Victoria gazed at Johnny, who lay still on the ground.

Adaz whispered, “He is not dead, Victoria. I have saved the pleasure of that deed for you to perform.” With wide-eyes and a wicked smile, Victoria knelt next to Johnny.

“Feast Victoria,” the vampire urged. “His blood is yours to imbibe.”

Once more Victoria became aroused, but what she desired ran warmly through Johnny’s veins. She aggressively plunged her fangs into Johnny’s neck and began to suck and slurp the nearly dead teenager’s blood. Under the warm glow of the now, full moon, and standing nearby wearing an approving smile on his thin lips, Adaz attentively witnessed Victoria’s draining assault upon her first victim.

For several minutes Johnny lay unconscious as Victoria slowly siphoned-off his blood. As she feasted, she noticed not Johnny’s legs: they began twitching ever so slightly. She opened her jaws wider and sank her fangs deeper into her host’s neck.

Within seconds, Johnny’s twitching legs began to contort, reshaping to the configuration of something inhuman. His eyebrows became bushy and met over the bridge of his nose. His ears became long and narrow. His skin became rough and hairy. His fingernails grew long.

Adaz saw what Johnny was becoming, and called to Victoria, but Victoria was so engrossed with bloodsucking she did not hear. So engrossed she did not notice Johnny’s transformation from human to beast.

The beast lay still as a vampire drank his blood. He lay still, but alert. Adaz reached to pull Victoria from the beast’s neck, but she defiantly snarled her contempt. Then, faster than a finger-snap, the beast sprang from where he lay, ripping as he did so Victoria’s fangs from his neck. Before Victoria could react, the beast pounced on her. Adaz stood back for fear of being bitten.

The werewolf straddled Victoria, pinning her arms to the ground. Victoria fought to free herself as the beast leaned closer to her horror-stricken face. As the werewolf’s hairy face came closer, Victoria vehemently shook her head from side to side. The beast’s eyes were now inches from Victoria’s. For a split-second, the beautiful vampire and grotesque werewolf’s eyes met. Then, with a howl, the werewolf twisted his body and directed a quick bite to Victoria’s left thigh. He then scampered out of sight, into the dark night.

Victoria, more naked than clothed and on her knees with blood trickling from the corners of her mouth and down her chin, wearily uttered, “My God, Adaz, what happened?”

“Johnny is a werewolf.”

With a quick tongue-swipe, Victoria lapped from her face any residual traces of Johnny’s blood. “A, what?” she questioned, her voice expressing her confound disbelief.

“Werewolf,” whispered Adaz. Directing his attention to Victoria’s wound, the vampire spoke with an edge of concern, “Victoria, you have been bitten.”

Victoria dabbed at her bleeding leg and licked the blood from her fingers. “Yes, I know.”

“No, I fear you do not. You see, Victoria, whoever is bitten by a werewolf will soon become one. You are a vampire, but with the next full moon, you will be both vampire and werewolf, and Johnny, a werewolf, is now too, because you sucked his blood, a vampire.”

Adaz’s words were more than Victoria’s young brain could compute. She wearily attempted to stand, but the pain radiating from being bitten was too excruciating. Adaz lifted her in his arms and carried her to Johnny’s car. There, Adaz explained in detail the horror of a vampire being bitten by a werewolf.

You, Victoria, are vampire and werewolf: a vamwolf; your heart beats the blood of both. No vampire and no werewolf will have you, much less, any man. What has happened to you is most unfortunate. I shall miss that which I looked forward to enjoying. I wish you well.” Adaz, then morphed into a giant bat and flew off into the night.

Victoria was stranded in an out-of-the-way spot on a lonesome road standing next to a car that would not start. She knew what Adaz said was true: who in their right mind would want her as she now was?

Victoria dropped to her knees and cried harder than she had ever cried in her young life. “My life is over before it began,” She sobbed.

“Don’t be silly, Victoria.” Johnny, no longer possessed by the full moon’s curse was standing at her side.


“Who else would be out here in the wee hours of the morning?”

In a near panic state, Victoria relayed to Johnny, Adaz’s declaration that she and he were vamwolves.

With a chuckle, Johnny assured Victoria that there were worse things in the world to be. “We have each other, and Victoria, if you will have me, I want to be with you for eternity.”


It has been sixty years since Adaz’s visit, and true his words have been: the vampire and werewolf communities shunned Johnny and Victoria. But of this, they could not care less, for they have, with each other, a life together forever; a life enhanced by the fact they are more than merely a vampire or a werewolf. The great perk of being both came with the extra fun they share once a month when the moon is full.

Bloodsucking is a must activity vampires need do to survive. Over the many years they have spent as vampires, Johnny and Victoria have drained thousands of men, women, and children of their blood, but it is once a month, when the moon waxes full, that they relish most. For it is then, as werewolves, they prowl the night for juicy victims to maul, then, as vampires, share the delight of drinking their blood.

As world travelers, Johnny and Victoria have developed an urbane palate. They have discovered the blood of man differs in taste from country to country, from man to woman, from occupation to occupation. It is curious to wonder that if in their travels, Johnny and Victoria have visited your neighborhood; if they have not, then when?


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