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by AJW
Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2202455
Contest Entry (Winner)
My grandson Jack walks into the living room and heads to the couch, where I am sitting.

“Look grandpa,” says Jack.

“Oh…I see you found my scrapbook. So many great memories.”

Jack sits on the couch to the left of me and hands me the book. I open it up to a random page.

“Jack, when I was young, a life time ago, I have been to many different places. Not only in this country but else where in the world, too. I have traveled to Turkey, Greece, and Italy. Such great food in Italy. I also visited Iceland, too.”

“Was it cold there?”

“Haha, no, not for the most part.”

I turn to another page and look at more pictures.

“Then there was the time I camped in California, Yosemite National Park. I am not that big on camping, but Yosemite was not bad. I even hiked in Hawaii. I like hiking more than camping. Mainly because you can do it in one day, and then go back home; to sleep in your own bed. Backpacking in Indiana was quite an adventure,” I said as I continue to remember the past.

“What was your favorite place to visit of all time?”

“Oh, that is an easy question to answer. It has to be, for sure, the time when I got lost somewhere in South America. While I can’t remember which country I was in, it was still an amazing adventure, nonetheless. You see, I came across some ancient city ruins. And the whole place was made of…”

At that moment, Jack’s father comes walking into the room and interrupts me.

“Come on Jack, it is time to go,” my son says to Jack.

“But…I don’t want to; I want to spend more time with grandpa.”

“You can see him, again, next week. Now go get your jacket.”

“Fine,” Jack replies as he walks away.

My son also walks off and gets his coat too. When they both were in the other room, I get up and walk over to a desk. I pull a key out of my pocket and open a locked drawer. I pull out a small box, and open it. I take something out of the box, then place it back in the drawer. I quickly lock it back up, when I hear the two of them returning.

“Here, Jack. I want you to have this. Keep it safe, it is very valuable.”

I give Jack a gold coin and he puts it in his pocket.

“Now, you don’t lose that, understand.”

Jack nods his head and leaves with his dad. After the two of them are gone, I walk back to the couch and sit down. I pick the scrapbook up and flip through some more pages. Then, I look at the locked drawer and smile.
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